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    Default Image Comics releases scheduled for May 2019 (solicitations)

    These were posted last week on Image's website already, but hey no thread yet so here we go!

    -Excellence is a new series from Brandon Thomas, Emilio Lopez and Khary Randolph (of Tech Jacket fame). This one's a fantasy series about generational hierarchies and their subversion.
    -Ken Garing, who you might know from Planetoid, is launching Gogor. This is about a young student tasked with waking a creature who sleeps deep underground called Gogor.
    -Michel Fiffe's series Copra has been a critical indie darling for a while now, but has a nasty habit of going out of print. No more! No less than 5 collected volumes have been announced through Image, containing issues #1-31 in total.

    excellence-1_32849989e6.jpg gogor-1_c3b583caed.jpg copra-vol-3-tp_7d700f52f0.jpg
    Covers to Excellence #1, Gogor #1, and Copra volume 3.
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    Adding Gogor to the pull, and i want to grab the COPRA trades, but they are gonna be close to $25-30 bucks here.
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    Ascender #2 and East of West #43 for me. As one story begins, the other ends.

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