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I just don't think Dick would have ended too badly. He was always a good kid and would have landed on his feet. Yes... his parents were killed in front of him... but This is Gotham. That craps happens all the time here. The number of reckless crazy vigilante/killers vs. number of orphans in Gotham is PRETTY low. The reality is he probably would have been raised in the circus (and if he was pulled out by some social worker he would have run away and rejoined it) and lived a somewhat happy life wandering from show to show...

Jason on the other hand was already a petty criminal living on the street. His father worked for either Croc or Two-face and it doesn't take much imagination to think he'd have ended up as a supervillain or henchmen to someone... though I'd argue that's about what the Red Hood was all about.
Kids growing up in poverty don't always grow up to be career criminals contrary to what a lot of fiction claims.

And it wasn't growing up on the streets that led to Jason becoming Red Hood.