Honestly the more I thought about it, the more I felt Gwen as a character is probably the weakest link in the movie.

The film doesn't give any good reason for she appears a week earlier than the other Spiders, or why her Spider-Sense would lead her to Brooklyn Visions before Miles even for his powers and she never does anything to justify showing up there rather than later with, Peni, Noir, and Ham.
Her scenes with Miles at the school are pretty inconsequential and generic enough that they could either be cut entirely or replaced with a different female student with little to no impact on the rest of the film.
Her supposed "loner" character trait is something we're told about but is never really shown to be true.
She amazingly never reacts to the fact she meets multiple versions of Peter Parker who ended up getting powers like her despite keeping her comic origin of Peter being her best friend who died after becoming the Lizard.

Maybe it's just because I didn't care much about them trying to give her a romance with Miles(like I didn't when Bendis tried to do it) but overall it just felt like there was some noticeable lazy and bad writing with the character to make it possible.