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    After having it sit around on a table for a month, I finally got around to reading Die Vol 1. Love it.

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    Issue Six dropped today, not much to say that others wouldn't be able to write more eloquently. This is very much an Angela focused issue, and it's much appreciated. Ash has gotten the most attention thus far, not that it's a bad thing. It is however nice to see another get so page panel time. Also, depending on how literal the final page is. Interesting.

    Still haven't been able to run a game of DIE unfortunately, I think if my current game group ever needs a change of pace I might bring it up. Having read over the beta, it is a very demanding game for players. Even more so for Game Masters.
    Continuity, even in a "shared" comics universe is often insignificant if not largely detrimental to the quality of a comic.

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    Thanks for reminding me about this book. I recently and very belatedly joined the WicDiv cult, reading most of it in trades before adding it to my monthly pull list. Now that that's ending, and a number of other books I follow are on hiatus or soon to enter that status, I need to beef up the non-DC/non-Marvel/non-superhero portion of my list. This seems like the right moment to jump onto DIE, with the first TPB just out and a new arc starting.

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