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    Default Why superman didn't time-travel like shazam did?

    well,recently i rereading shazam comics,and i find in billy batson the magic of shazam issues,shazam managed use time-travelling ability to hitting black adam,and specifically said is due to mercury speed.
    so theoretically,superman could do the same thing,and in comics had multiple times proven superman is FTL or equal to light,like in superman volume superman managed to escape(and before he even reached light speed until been sucked by another black hole) two black holes,or in adventures of superman,when he dealing with a cannibal planet that devouring sun,superman velocity could bend time and space,or in justice league of america when he destroyed shadow moon,specifically define that superman could FTL.hell,even superboy and supergirl could reached source wall(the edge of the universe)moments
    and in pocket universe superboy story arc,defined if you faster than light(like kal-el version superboy did),then you could time travel
    also,superman and shazam always evenly match,from the power of shazam,dc presents superman,and superman beyond etc all been pinpointed that.
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