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Is there a pattern here?

It seems like repeatedlyy female villains in DC are shown as not that bad. Giganta here being one example, but also Cale is hugged out of her evil plan. Harley and Poison Ivy are borderline good guys, or at least shown sympathetically compared to guys like Scarecrow, Penguin and Riddler. Catwoman is a classic example, Cheetah is not far behind, and for Mayfly turns good in a way fans would rail against if it were Zoom or,as above, Metallic.

It's almost like there's a unspoken understanding at DC that only male characters can be really bad, presumably because of a chronic deficiency in sugar and spice...
It’s definitely a trend I’ve noticed as well to make female villains into anti-heroes. I’m not a fan of that trend at all, I think it’s bull.