I haven't seen this mentioned, but Chris Conroy wrote this on twitter:

Good morning, and I hope you’re all enjoying DETECTIVE COMICS #1000! Now that it’s finally on the stands, I can make this announcement:

That issue is my mic-drop in the DC Universe. When I return to work on Monday, I’ll have switched over to the Black Label/Vertigo group.
So Conroy won't be editing Wonder Woman from now on. Does anyone have any ideas on who will replace him as the editor for the Wonder Woman book, or what changes this will imply for the Wonder Woman book in the future?

This seems to be a long-planned move, so I don't think it will bring any sudden changes in direction. But if Conroy was on the way out, it might explain a bit on the art situation, in that he didn't want to bring in new permanent artists right before turning things over to a new editor.