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    Quote Originally Posted by PCN24454 View Post
    He appears once and suddenly he’s a Spider-Man villain. Wow.
    He still committed the most damage.

    Quote Originally Posted by ngroove View Post
    Twice. That storyline, and on a Secret Wars II tie-in Amazing Spider-Man issue. However, if pegged on a single hero of primary enemy-ness, it would be Silver Surfer, constant time-and-again heckler of kidnapping / holding Shalla-Bal against Norrin Radd, and later, messing with him under the disguise of then-recently deceased Frankie Raye.
    And Spider-Man had to save him in that story. Talk about appreciation.
    That is, the heritage of the Kryptonian Warrior: Kal-El, son of Jor-El
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    The Jackal. Meant very little to me generally, and especially in the aftermath of all the messiness that The Clone Saga (TM) has wrought, it was not worth it to bring him back. But hey, as long as we can constantly be teased that "the real Gwen" is coming back, he'll always have a place in people's hearts... lol..

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