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    For Wonder Woman my favorite is easily The Legend of Wonder Woman. It's one of the best modern origin stories to date (I prefer it over her Year One).

    Superman Birthright is the best Superman story I've read to date, but the recent Man and Superman deserves to be read as a new classic too in my opinion.

    Most of the Batman stories I've read have already been mentioned. Batman Prey, Batman vs the Monster Men, and Batman vs the Mad Monk are worthy reads, don't think they were mentioned. I will note I prefer Zero Year over Year One as far as origins go. Blasphemy I know.

    Just stuff off the top of my head.

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    I have a great fondness over Birthright considering it being the only Superman Origin I've managed to read but for the art and that end of the story when he tried to talk to his Parents.

    I would like to get a couple of stand alone batman stories though. Or just stand alones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJpyro View Post
    I would like to get a couple of stand alone batman stories though. Or just stand alones.
    What do you mean ? You'd like suggestion for standalone Batman stories ? or more widley, standalone DC comics.
    If that's the case, here are some:

    * Batman: White Knight
    * Shazam New52
    * Justice League: New Frontier
    * Batman: Year 100
    * Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich

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