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    Quote Originally Posted by Killerbee911 View Post
    Being relatable is only one aspect of heroes, People don't necessarily relate with Deadpool(They did a good job in the movie tho) and he is a popular hero. Okay Thor worked because family and relatability. Okay I am talking across every other Pantheon Mayan, Greek, Roman,Celtic ,Chinese, Egyptian, Japanese ,Slavic, African, Polynesian, Hindu ,Cthulhu, Arthurian, Voodoo, Angelic, Demonic..etc nothing else works? They are so many areas they can be drawing from and in just typing that out yeah I kind answer my question based on the makeup of Marvel and DC staff I should not be surprised they are not good at handling stuff from other cultures.

    It is still interesting Thor is really only one that has caught on I mean we have Eternals and demigods like Wonder Woman or Hercules or sort Avatars of gods like Black Panther, Shazam or Moon Knight as what is being used. Should have something else broken out by now I mean through Thor and Norse Mythology shouldn't Baldur,Tyr, Sif, Loki, Valkyries have blown up big as well.
    It happened with the Loki character in the MCU and maybe the next ones will be the Valkyries...

    Thor #311 Sep 1981
    "A Call To Arms!"
    To begin his plan to retake Valhalla from Hela

    Odin gathers his Valkyries together ;

    First the Valkyries must find a new body to fill the spot of the missing Brunnhilda.

    Script by Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio, pencils by Keith Pollard (layouts) and Gene Day (finished art), inks by Gene Day
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    It would have been nice to see Valkyrie (Brunhilde/Barbara Norriss) in this book responding to the summons. It feels like an old television show where they name someone familiar to the audience, but we never see them onscreen.
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