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    Default Thoughts on the 2020 Democratic Field Policy and Focus of your Candidate.

    There is an All-purpose political thread going on. But I wanted a little more focus on the Democratic Field for 2020.

    Let's talk actual Policy positions and not the personality of the Persons involved.

    Candidates, can you get behind?

    What specifics of the Policy/Policies do you support?

    How do you think those policies compare to the field and are there examples of that position that works at the state or local level.

    Do you see those positions being adopted or already in function elsewhere in the world?

    Please post your links to videos.
    Does the person have a history pro or con on the policy that you support.

    Let's talk about the field for 2020, Let's even go at your state Elections.

    States now are not the solitary entity they used to be and have huge implications on the national and even global level. Such as Californias Environmental stance.

    The goal of this thread is not to snipe or badger, but show Policy contrasts, and hopefully from the Candidates own words, not third party sites which may favor or bias the candidate or the policy.
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    So to start off with myself. I consider myself a stateside (Left Wing) (World level Centrist) Social Democratic Progressive.

    Some of the people I support at my state and Local Levels, I'm currently living in North Carolina, are Roy Cooper, a vast improvement over the last Governor.

    Coopers policy positions helped to get him elected handily last time, and he's been at the forefront in the state of pushing back on Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering. NC has been a sorespot in many elections due to the Bills passed, like the Anti-LGBTQ Bill, and the closing of Election sites statewide, barring minorities and students from voting.

    William Barber has also been keen to play a huge role in the Democratic Progress of the state. He's helped influence a lof of the Progressive Push in North Carolina, and even though he's stepped down, still plays a large role in the Progressive Values of the party as a whole.

    On the National Level I've been looking at several candidates who I think would each make great POTUS Picks or VP/Cabinet Picks.

    Andrew Yang

    I'm a Bernie Supporter, but I do like some of the things people like Andrew Yang says about Universal Basic Income. As a Sci-fi horror writer. Many of the worlds I've created the people there have basic Income, which is a system I researched and found not that hard to create.

    To me, a Universal Basic Income is something easily accomplished, and along with Medicare For all, are all policy positions I'd love to hear on the major stages of Debate.

    Here's Yangs list on Universal Basic Income or UBI.

    Marianne Williamson

    She doesn't have a ton of Political experience, but has actually drafted a plan for Reparations, which as a Black Male is something I like personally, but the how's and why's to implement them have to be clearly thought out.
    Here's her stance in her own words.

    Is always confused.....

    My Name is Psylocke, "Stabby stabby pew pew!"

    My Psylocke stories at (ignore the editing, it's bad on purpose)
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    It is too early to tell. In fact it is a year before the election primary. The candidates can change their views in a year. But my best bet is on Jay Inslee or Kirsten Gilibrand.

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    Personally I like Warren the best of all the candidates. She’s one of the few that is actively laying out policy specifics like her tax plan and not just listing platitudes of the Democratic Party. The Ultra-Millionsire tax, Universal Childcare, an Ammendment to protect voting rights definitley show the direction she wants to go in and a will to really take and layout concrete steps that could open her up to attack.

    I like Gabbard’s anti-interventionalist foreign policy. But I feel like that’s all she has going for her and this country is too war hungry whether they admit it or not.

    On Yang, I think Universal Basic Income will become a necessity soon. However you can’t win as a one issue candidate

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    I won't begin to make my decision until (At least) after the first debate. There are some candidates I like, others I don't, but none stand out just yet. Basically, what I am looking for is someone who can handle the job. Someone who is well rounded, able to deal with trouble abroad as well as trouble at home. Someone who has the backbone to stand up to threats (foreign and domestic) and not cave in. Someone smart, really smart, who is dedicated to the job and to protecting this country and all it's people.

    I'm not going to judge a person so much by where they stand on the political spectrum (They have to be Democrats, of course), but on the strength of their character, the content of their hearts, their devotion to the job, and their willingness to be open minded as far as solving problems goes yet able to stand their ground against any that try to create more problems. Energy is good as well, being a hard worker who has the energy, the physical and mental strength, to handle 4 to 8 years of grueling hard work. It also helps if they are seeking the Presidency for the right reasons, and not purely as an ego trip or in ignorance as to how hard the job really is.

    Any candidate that can come close to these requirements (as close as possible), I'll consider.
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    As someone who wouldn't be considered left enough socially to be considered a Democrat, but is generally fiscally liberal (socialized medicine, living wage) and is adamant about various issues such as ending the war on drugs and decreasing foreign interventionism, Tulsi Gabbard is in my eyes, easily the best candidate.

    Andrew Yang is an interesting character. However, I think that UBI, while more efficient than the current welfare state, would be disastrous for American society. I think a lot of the recipients of the theoretical 1,000 $ given out by Universal Basic Income would consider that handout to be an incentive not to work. Also it might lead to the American divorce rates skyrocketing with spouses becoming more financially independent. I think the superior way to deal with the rising prevalence of automation would be for government to put regulations machinery in manufacturing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazirai View Post
    Some of the people I support at my state and Local Levels, I'm currently living in North Carolina, are Roy Cooper, a vast improvement over the last Governor.
    I think both of them brought/bring their own positives to the table.
    As for me, I support most politicians in general, and it is only really during elections where I choose sides. I definitely consider myself a moderate/independent.

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    Not gonna lie. Bernie nailed that townhall. Had Conservatives laughing at Trump and cheering Medicare for All.

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