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    Default Thoughts on the 2020 Democratic Field Policy and Focus of your Candidate.

    There is an All-purpose political thread going on. But I wanted a little more focus on the Democratic Field for 2020.

    Let's talk actual Policy positions and not the personality of the Persons involved.

    Candidates, can you get behind?

    What specifics of the Policy/Policies do you support?

    How do you think those policies compare to the field and are there examples of that position that works at the state or local level.

    Do you see those positions being adopted or already in function elsewhere in the world?

    Please post your links to videos.
    Does the person have a history pro or con on the policy that you support.

    Let's talk about the field for 2020, Let's even go at your state Elections.

    States now are not the solitary entity they used to be and have huge implications on the national and even global level. Such as Californias Environmental stance.

    The goal of this thread is not to snipe or badger, but show Policy contrasts, and hopefully from the Candidates own words, not third party sites which may favor or bias the candidate or the policy.
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