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    Her Wonder Woman run is...not good. Wonder Woman has been plagued by boring, underwhelming, out of character runs for the better part of this decade, though. So sadly, it's not like what she is doing on WW is so much worse than what most other writers have been doing with WW lately. Wonder Woman is just a book that has not been above average to good in a very long time.

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    It would be such an emblematic development, if a regular cast for the WW comic included Doris/Giganta, a former enemy. Doris Zeul working with and for Diana would be a permanent example of Diana's true powers, namely, ..the inspiration of hope and freedom in others' hearts. Maybe, GW is already building toward this: Diana, Doris and Etta, with Steve and Ferdinand on the side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Konja7 View Post
    I've been thinking about this. If Wilson sees Wonder Woman as privileged, while she likes to represent the unprivileged, would not that be a problem for Wonder Woman in her comic?

    I don't read Miss Marvel of Wilson (although I hear that is a good comic), do you know how is the main character in this comic?
    There is not necessarily any problem with exploring questions of privilege from the viewpoint of a privileged person, and in a way Diana is uniquely suited for that because she grew up in a society that probably was way more egalitarian than any society we know of. Her views of gender, class, sexuality, and race can literally be out of this world, because she never internalised any of that.

    What causes the trouble for Wilson here is arguably two things: she needs to establish Themyscira as a culture, and she needs (or wants to) keep the connection with Diana as established by prior writers, who choose to not engage with those questions. That's why I think her reactions to Ares's questions were important, and also why she needed the three mythketeers: Wilson needed to jolt Diana back on track to look at Man's World with her Themyscira eyes.

    Haven't read much of Ms Marvel, but the main character is Kamala Khan, a US-born teenager of Pakistani descent, continuously juggling her various identities, ideals, and beliefs.

    (I was going to say that she very much is a liminal character like Wonder Woman, but then I realised a lot of superheroes are liminal characters, so that doesn't necessarily mean much.)
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    I don't think we really got to see her WW. I think that like with Simome and others sje was limited by TPTB as well as being not having the best visual support.

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    I stopped reading after the first two issues.
    Not because of her, but because I just buy trades.
    Will be looking forward to October 15th (about) when
    Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Just War (Wonder Woman: the Just War) hard cover
    comes out and will be featuring Wonder Woman 58-68

    Amazon is already soliciting this for October 22nd

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    I like some of the stuff she's done. The whimsical note that I think ought to be one of the distinguishing features of the book is definitely there. I like the return of Ferdinand - Rucka's happiest creation - and if mythical creatures just have to be there, then friendly fauns and centaurs are the way to go. The fact that she's using characters from previous writers is, for this title, a very welcome change.

    OTOH her plots seem to be oddly paced - really need more single issue stories - and too talky and lacking in superheroics.
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