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    Quote Originally Posted by marhawkman View Post
    In the main universe there was a Superwoman who was Lois Lane's Army brat sister.
    That may be but I was referring to Danvers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRay View Post
    That may be but I was referring to Danvers.
    Oh, please, continue, this sounds interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamFTF View Post
    Aside from that Phantom Zone thing, no one's suggested a villain show yet. Hmm . . .

    Metropolis's Most Wanted-

    When most people think of Superman's enemies, they think it's all criminal mastermind's and world-beating monsters. But the reality is that Metropolis is full of villains with a million different powers and gimmicks just trying to make a big score, gain some notoriety and survive in the City of Tomorrow. The show follows four super-villains as they plan crimes, avoid Superman, the cops and Lex Luthor (who seems to think he can use any villain in the city as his henchman/distraction du jour) and meet up for weekly poker games to trade notes and try to fleece each other of as much money as they can. Oswald Loomis, the spotlight-loving Prankster who sees crime as his own kind of city-wide performance art. Rudy Jones, lazy mooch turned energy-draining Parasite. Likes to blame everyone else for his own problems. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein aka Riot, a scatter-brained mad scientist whose ambitions don't rank much higher than robbing every bank in the city at the same time (which he could do if his duplication powers weren't threatening to drive him crazier). And Leslie Willis, a loud-mouthed electrically powered Livewire who commits crime for the thrill of it. Will any of them ever be able to pull off a big score? Will Parasite ever pay back that fifty bucks he owes to Livewire? Who knows?

    (I took some liberties with Riot's powers and personality, but I figured no one would care because it's just Riot).
    I would totally watch this, love the idea of some of the lesser known Superman Rogues being the stars.

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