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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordan View Post
    I would argue Young Justice is not for kids. Heck wasn’t one of the pros of being on DCU was that they didn’t have to censor themselves anymore? DCU could use more ages 10 and under content, right now it’s heavily skewed towards YA.
    I just think back to previous Weisman series like Gargoyles. It was dark for a Disney series, but you could tell they really had to reign it in at times due to TV censorship at times. They only got away with the Gargoyles genocides because the Gargoyles were all statues at the time.

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    A sociopathic super-intelligent jor-El and his young grand son Jon Kent go on cosmic space/multiverse adventures. Basically Rick and morty


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Kelly View Post
    For many decades now I've wanted a half hour sit-com with Jimmy Olsen as the lead.
    I am not much for sitcoms, but if we can not get Olsen as the lead role in anything else I guess I am all for it.

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    CONNER KENT and CASSIE SANDSMARK (with guest stars Bart Allen,Tim Drake)

    Conner Kent:
    -Full Kryptonian Powers,TTK
    -25 Years old
    -tall,muscular guy
    -Superman Symbol Tattoo on his right Arm..
    -the blue/red leather jacket Superboy Outfit
    -nice,but self-confident

    Cassie Sandsmark
    -Amazon Style so she is tall,muscular,pretty (like the Artemis in the DC Comic Series, Diana in the Pre-Flashpoint Comics)
    -Conners Girlfriend
    -using Sword,Shield and her electrokinesis and her Lasso
    -as powerful as Diana is

    I would REALLY REALLY like to see that...

    Not like the Supergirl Series, but see a Super-Charakter who is like Terminator, unstoppable etc., not having Drama,Romance etc. but having the Titans of Tomorrow Conner with the Attitude of the Conner from start...Making Jokes,Trashtalking while catching bullets,beating villains,ripping tanks in half etc.

    Paired with a good looking blonde Amazon who is also extremely powerful and because of her skills with swords and shield she can fight with bare hands and sword and shield...

    That paired with Bart Allen who is there for the funny scenes and also helps them-would be very awesome...

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    I'm going to start with doing over the existing Superverse shows, mainly the one I can no longer stand.


    - stays on CBS, never interacts with CW Earth

    - Superman embargo (denials to the contrary notwithstanding) lifted from the start

    - Kara Zor-El is Karen Starr

    - Kara/Karen is a believable 14-year-old starting high school after being discovered 2 years earlier by an established adult Kal/Clark, who is already married to Lois Lane. They promptly adopt her, giving her the surname Starr because comics (I mean, one of Clark's deceased human relatives).

    - Jimmy Olsen is an age-appropriate red-headed "weirdness magnet" classmate of Karen's, also starting high school

    - Lena Thorul is around, completely unaware of her connection to Lex, and attending the same high school in Metropolis

    - Eve Tessmacher and Kitty Kowalski are part of the mean girls clique that Lena is always tempted to join

    - Karen lives with Lois & Clark, whom we mainly see in civilization guise every episode, but once or twice a season (usually the premieres and the finales) we get Superman in all his caped glory onscreen.

    - Karen learns different lessons from Lois than she does from Clark

    - her school is populated by various Superverse / DCU characters in civilian guises

    - Dick, Donna, Garth, Babs, Tula, etc make recurring guest appearances, mostly in civilian guise as fellow visiting students

    - show runs for a planned min 4 seasons (high school) to a maximum 8 seasons (high school + college) and ends with Karen graduating from college and also graduating from Supergirl to Power Gal/Woman.

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    I think if you mash up some people's ideas on here for a Jimmy Olsen show with some other people's ideas on here for a Cadmus/heavily Kirby-influenced show, that would be my dream come true. Like, update and expand Kirby's old Jimmy Olsen series from the '70s and throw in as much Kirby stuff as possible.

    Otherwise, yeah, with the exception of Supergirl, I'm kinda burnt on Superman/Batman shows without any appearances from Superman/Batman. They just seem like a giant tease and clearly an announcement to the whole world that they could just not swing the tv rights to these characters.
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    Where my Jimmy Olsen-Doctor Who ripoff show bros at?

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    THE PHANTOM ZONE. Each week the Phantom Stranger introduces another strange tale from the . . . Phantom Zone.
    Happy Miracle Monday

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    A young Adam Brody type as James Olsen. The show would focus on Jimmy and his life, relationship problems and financial woes. A lovable loser who hits it big when Superman gives him the chance to photograph him, landing him a job working for the legendary Lois Lane.

    Clark Kent would be part of the main cast and Jimmy's best friend, but he would 100% be unaware that Clark is Superman. Clark is loyal and caring but also flaky as hell and will straight up drop off the face of the earth for days on end. Ron Troupe, Perry White, Jimmy's lame brother Henry, Ms. Cho (his landlady), and Oscar his neighbor across the hall- all round out the cast. Plus Jenny Olsen, no relation, who is always stealing his leads and maybe his heart??!

    The dual identity would also be played for comedy, as sometimes Jimmy's inability to see that Clark is Superman would border on the absurd. Clark would be a real serious character, for Jimmy's more neurotic nature to bounce off of.
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