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    Default What Exactly is So Terrible About Doug Wheeler's Swamp Thing

    Aside from the obvious fact that Wheeler had the misfortune of hijacking Veitch's potentially legendary run on Swamp Thing, and the pitfalls of the art*, what exactly is so bad about this run? I have read summaries of the various issues and it seems to continue the same traditions as Moore and Veitch's Swamp Thing and it introduced the current iteration of Tefe Holland.

    *the two major complaints I have seen, which say nothing of Wheeler's actual writing.

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    The writing is abysmal. Moore can get wordy at times, but his sentences always have a point and there's a certain beauty to them, as he is very skilled in his art. Wheeler is just needlessly wordy – it's all purple prose without style or substance. He did write some decent episodes (mostly standalone stories), but his run is mostly awful.

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    Basically what pjerooo said - except the bit about "some decent episodes".

    There was one good issue in that run - but then after being surprised by it I checked and it turned out to be a guest fill-in by Andy Helfer.

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