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    Diamondback (two S#!^ list ShIELD agents brought in by Mockingbird to babysit the team, immediate distrust of each other at first {you think two female former criminals will trust each other at first sight} did I mention they are on SHIELDs $#!^ list?)
    Moonstone (everybody on the team hates her & I mean HATES her, but every team needs a Sersi Lannister meets Starscream type)
    Satana Hellstrom
    Ghost (reprising his role from the Andy Diggle/Jeff Parker run as the MRE eating, stale suit that may or may not smell like vomit, ultra paranoid, into conspiracy theories tech expert of the 'Bolts)
    Rocket Racoon (stuck on earth & time with the team is time not in a lab getting vivisected plus he has access to hidden ships & weaponry, & let's be honest this book has to sell, sell, sell)
    Black Ant & Task Master (let's see the dynamic after Spider Man 18 heh heh, if Task Master is unavailable, {well he is busy appearing in Black Widow, Punisher, Captain America etc} so sub Madison from "Meet the Skrulls, why ? well she is a trained killer shape shifting alien with utter contempt for humanity, sounds like a fun character to write to me)
    Mockingbird (team mission handler/director think Mallory Archer mashed up with Rick Flag Jr from Suicide Squad {John Ostrander version})

    The nature of these Thunderbolts: this iteration of T-Bolts will be SHIELDs team (hence the heavy presence of SHIELD agents in Mockingbird, Songbird Diamondback, Task Master, and Black Ant) handling missions that other teams like the Avengers or FF can't be seen doing (ie incursions into Bagalia or Latveria). If that makes sense
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    Madison Warner is definitely a villain, so if she sticks around after Meet the Skrulls the T-Bolts would be a fit for her, good thinking. Her younger sister Alice, however, would be more likely to join the Champions, as she's more sympathetic to humanity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaijudo View Post
    Yeah, I was counting that, I just meant she shouldn't move backwards.
    She already did. She joined Zub's Thunderbolts team after Al Ewing's New Avengers ended. I always thought it was a missed opportunity not to include her in Avengers No Surrender with both Zub and Ewing having recently written Melissa.

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    If the emphasis was stealth and deception instead of power for a change, I'd love to see a tbolts with characters like Ghost, Mystique, Mentallo, and Mysterio. Or they could be a backup team. They could be used by someone like Gyrich to destabilize countries or influence policy. Otherwise, I also think that Zarda (the evil one) is a character who could be used to add tension in the same way that juggernaut or satana were used.
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