Dear comic fans of CBR, I have always found this site very helpful, and as I don't find the information I seek elsewhere I have decided to register and ask your opinion about the latest "Daredevil by Frank Miller And Klaus Janson Omnibus" 15th march 2016 printing (I think it's the third printing of this title).

In short,my question is specially about the "thickness" ("quality", too) of the paper.
Right now in Amazon (SPAIN) this product is quite price reduced, and I was thinking about upgrading my collection by buying this one, but I am a little scared after seeing the paper thickness in the second edition of "Daredevil Omnibus by Frank Miller COMPANION" (as can be checked in http://myabsolutecollection.blogspot...r-omnibus.html ).

If your opinion is the latest printing is not "worth" it, I will try to find the prior editions...

Well, thanks for your time and help and I big THANKYOU from Spain!