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    I don't often buy trades w/o having previously read the singles, but there have been occasions and it's usually when I'm trying to complete a run. I have a nostalgic soft spot for 90s X-Men, and I bought the three "Road to Onslaught" trades a while back to bridge some of the gap in-between the Age of Apocalypse and Onslaught events. Some of those books were... challenging to get through.

    Sometimes I'll skip over certain things in trades like Annuals or mini-series that are included but are jarringly outside the story I wanted to read. I think both of these things happened in those "Road to Onslaught" trades, as well. Man -- maybe I just shouldn't have bought those...

    Oh, also: every League of Extraordinary Gentlemen release after Volume 2. I adored the first two volumes, but I've found everything beyond that nigh-unreadable. I bought quite a few because I wanted to like it, but man. I'm still not sure if my tastes changed or if Alan Moore went off the deep end.

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    your taste has changed and
    Alan Moore (from where I stand) has gone off the deep end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balakin View Post
    It gets so much better after they stuck on Earth! I've read it in the complete tpb which doesn't collect the very early issues and the first few issues it does collect are just kinda average but after they focus just on the personal drama when Zot! is stuck on Earth it gets really good.
    Thank you for your critical assessment. If I ever do find the complete edition, I'll definitely give it another try.

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    Anything from the Golden/Silver Age is boring to me but if I buy a TPB I read it through regardless.

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