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    Default IDEA for a NEW Superman Character


    I am a big Fan of the Pre-Flashpoint Supergirl and Pre-Flashpoint Superboy..
    I liked both characters more than Superman-I am happy that Superman has now a son, BUT!! I miss diversity in the series, because he has the same powers like Kon El, Kara and Kal El.
    Kal El,Jonathan and Kon El also look similar, because of being related...

    I would LOVE to see a NEW Superman Character, who is like Kon El, BUT this time KARA ZOR EL's DNA get used and because of the treatment of the DNA the DNA of him gets transformed and he as result has then the Powers of the Electric Superman-Lana Lang Superwoman (but SOLID Body like Lana Lang as Superwoman had).

    So he is a part of the Zor-El part of the House of El and in his private identity he also uses Danvers like Jack Danvers.....

    This would bring more diversity and I would also love to see how the electric powers get developed...


    1. Look:
    They used KARAs DNA, so he is a blonde tall guy with blue eyes..
    Outfit is based on the Electric Superman-Lana Lang Superwoman....So its blue with the white S and applications in white...

    2. Difference:
    His Powers are based on Electricity, so he can absorb radiation, electric energy, Solar Energy....
    So no problems with red sun...

    3. Powers:

    1. Senses:
    Supervision (see Spectra,Wavelights,radiation,energy signature)

    2. Movement
    His Powers are based on Electric Energy, so he can teleport himself, move faster than Superman, fly, zap himself also trough solid bodies...
    So he is like Flash

    3. Strenght
    He is weaker than Kon El,Kara and Kal El, but also able to lift several 100 tons..

    So he is weaker, but much faster than Kara,Kon and Kal El....


    a) Manipulate Electrons:
    He can create objects, create magnet fields, create cyclones etc. (like Electric Superman and Lana Lang Superwoman)
    create tractor beam...

    b) Electrokinesis:
    Instead of Heat Vision, he can shoot electric energy out of hands, eyes...

    c) Create Shields:
    Shields can protect others...

    d) Electromagnetic Fields

    e) Self Healing:
    I liked the idea that Electric Superman could heal himself by transform into the energy form and pull himself together...
    So if he gets wounded, he can transform himself into energy being and rearrange his own atoms to close the wound....

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    Why not just make him a metahuman with electricity powers who is inspired by Superman to do good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by the illustrious mr. kenway View Post
    Why not just make him a metahuman with electricity powers who is inspired by Superman to do good?
    Different reasons:

    1. He is based on two Characters who already are Canon in the Superman Family: LANA LANG as Superwoman and BLUE ELECTRIC SUPERMAN...
    2. Also his appearance should be based on the Electric Blue Superman...(using this Look like a second Costume)
    3. I would like to see also Supergirl having a kind of "brother"
    4. The Connection with the Superman Family will immediatly put him in a high position...
    5. As Meta-Human he would only get a little percentage of the Powers
    I think him of being as fast and having reflexes fast as WALLY WEST with the strenght to lift 250.000.000 tons and the Self-Healing, Super-Senses like described above....

    So this is the possibility to have Electric Superman and "normal" Superman in the Comics...

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