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    I read issue #7 and I liked it. Spike works better here because he's given more range.

    I dislike Fred's new backstory but her getting magic might be worth. Lorne is pretty much the same but Lilah is something else.

    Im seeing why some critics dislike Lilith.

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    This was alright but nothing happened, so hopefully the story picks up quicker now. The dialogue worked well enough to make it an interesting read but I just could not get Fred in this issue to fit with the idea I have of her from the show.

    I do not have a problem with Lilith other than she just seems to used to move the plot along, but it is inconsistent. She sends them exactly where they need to go to find one person, but she can't just tell them where the other person is? Unless that is the problem people have with her.

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    Issue #8 was a fun but quick read. I hate to say it but Spike is a more interesting lead than Angel. I wish he had his own series.
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