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    Default How to buy Infinity Gauntlet?

    I want to buy Infinity Gauntlet, including “road to” and aftermath. Ideally I would go for the slipcase but it is just too expensive/ hard to find. The problem is that TPBs have multiple overlaps:

    Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos
    Collects: Silver Surfer (1987) 34-38, Thanos Quest #1 To #2, Silver Surfer #40, #44-50

    Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Thanos Quest
    Collects: Silver Surfer (1987) 39-50, Annual 3; Thanos Quest 1-2; Material From Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 50

    Infinity Gauntlet
    Collects: Infinity Gauntlet #1 To #6

    Silver Surfer Epic Collection: The Infinity Gauntlet
    Collects: Silver Surfer (1987) 51-66, Annual 4

    Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath
    Collects: Silver Surfer (1987) 60-66, Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 36, Warlock And The Infinity Watch 1-6; Material From Silver Surfer Annual 5

    So, with all of these overlaps - should I just buy everything and “live” with the overlaps (still cheaper than the slipcase) or are there TPBs here that I can/ should avoid?


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    If you're just trying to be a Thanos/Gauntlet completionist (as opposed to a Silver Surfer one), you can skip Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Thanos Quest. 39 and 41-43 are unrelated to Thanos (and not particularly compelling). Annual 3 has an offhand mention of events related to Thanos, but nothing of great import. That should remove most of the double dipping (you'll still double up on 7 issues of SS). IG Aftermath is equal parts an aftermath and prelude to Infinity War.
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    You're not interested in the Omnibus as a place to start? Personally I'm just doing the Rebirth of Thanos HC and The Infinity by Startlin & Hickman Omni. My single issues are just sitting there and at this point I just want the core story I can read whenever I feel like it.

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    Ok if you were buying comics back then. This is what you'd want.

    Thanos Quest #1 To #2 (So whichever of the two trades that has what you might want.)
    Infinity Gauntlet
    Collects: Infinity Gauntlet #1 To #6

    Thanos Quest tells the story of how Thanos got the Infinity gems.

    There really is no "aftermath" to Infinity Gauntlet, since it is more leading to Infinity War, which happens the next year.

    But after reading the description for the Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath, that would work.
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