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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurolegacy View Post
    It would be that one silver lining at the fact that we had to sit through him getting both Venom and Mania from much better hosts. It couldn’t have happened to a better guy.
    Or a more boring one-dimensional character.
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    I think its because Lee Price isn't really a character and more of just a narrative tool, which at the very least he fits that role fairly well in his only really 2 arc appearances.

    In Venom it's supposed to act as an antithesis of Brock and Flash, whereas they wanted to do good while fighting the symbiotes violent tendencies, here the symbiote wants to do good with Price forcing it back into its violent style. And then in Venom Inc., he's really just a stand in big bad for everybody to team up and fight against. He works despite his very uninteresting character, because his role in both stories is very broad, and he's had fairly limited use. If he started to be overused more than I could see it being a problem.

    I also didn't mind Andi losing the Mania symbiote, because she still kept her hell powers, and is still technically Mania. It's a shame because I do think the Mania symbiote design is really underrated, but I like she still is able to kick ass, and I'm curious how her hell mark is gonna impact the Carnage encounter, especially considering everything going on with him currently.
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