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    Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #2 Jun 1984
    "Prisoners of War!"
    On the surface of Battleworld, a planet created by the Beyonder in the previous issue the heroes
    gathered by the Beyonder are attacked by the villains the god-like being brought there as well.

    The villains, armed with weapons found in a fortress on Battleworld,
    managed to get the element of surprise and began winning the battle against the heroes.
    Elsewhere Doctor Doom flies across the landscape recalling the events that brought them here.
    He manages to find Galactus, who attempted to attack the Beyonder earlie,r only to be cast down to the surface of Battleworld.
    Doom attempts to get Galactus' attention, but the world devourer merely rises from the ground and walks off,
    ignoring the villain as though he were nothing more than a gnat. With his attempt to ally himself with Galactus a complete failure,
    Doom decides to follow through on his alternate plan. Returning to the massive fortress that the villains had commandeered for themselves
    before leaving to fight the heroes, Doom blasts past the security defenses and gains access inside where the inert body of Ultron is being stored.

    Back at the battle, the heroes manage to regain the upper hand and send the villains in retreat.
    However they manage to capture the Enchantress, Kang, Bulldozer, Piledriver and Thunderball, as prisoners.
    The heroes then go seeking shelter and find an abandoned fortress for themselves where they can detain their prisoners in stasis.

    As they are exploring the facility, Colossus notices that Lockheed went missing in battle and thinks about how his girlfriend,
    Kitty Pride would be upset if they do not return home with the little dragon. After the villains are contained,
    the heroes begin looking around and are surprised to find the fortress meets their every need but is completely abandoned.
    Captain America soon calls a meeting together and begins formulating a plan to capture their foes.
    He sends Thor, the Human Torch and Iron Man out on patrol while the rest of the group finds lodging and food.
    Elsewhere on Battleworld, at yet another fortress, the mutant terrorist known as Magneto has found his own base of operations.
    Watching over the alien landscape before him, Magneto wonders if anyone else feels
    the same sense of destiny that he does regarding the events which are about to unfold.

    Meanwhile, the uncaptured villains return to their hideout to find Doom waiting there for them.
    Still thinking him a traitor for previously abandoning them instead of fighting the heroes, they are about to attack
    when they are suddenly blasted aside by Ultron, who has been reactivated and reprogrammed to be loyal to Doctor Doom.
    Outgunned, the remaining villains have no choice but to follow Doom and allow him to be their leader.
    Doctor Doom then begins sucking up to the Molecule Man, easily one of the most powerful people out of them all.
    When Doctor Octopus turns Doom's attention to Galactus, they pull the world devourer up
    on a monitor screen revealing him to be standing at the top of a peak glowing with energy.
    Doom assures Octopus that plans are in motion so that they will triumph and orders Octavius to rest.
    Octopus complies but suspects that Doom will eventually betray them.
    At that moment, Magneto secretly infiltrates the heroes' base while his opponents are trying to relax.
    She-Hulk and the Wasp discuss all the things left behind on Earth,
    while Cyclops and Mister Fantastic lament about being separated from their wives,

    while Spider-Man and the Torch spend time together.
    Suddenly, Spider-Man's Spider-Sense goes off, warning him that Magneto is in the power plant of their headquarters.
    While he web-slings off to confront the threat, the Torch fires off a Fantasti-Flare to summon the rest of the heroes.

    When the other heroes arrive, Spider-Man has been subdued and all the heroes combined are less than a match for Magneto.
    As the Master of Magnetism dumps machinery on them and escapes, the Wasp tries to chase after him.
    Magneto responds by wrapping her up in metal and taking her prisoner.
    Getting free, the Thing tries to chase after their foe but suddenly changes back into human form, much to everyone's surprise.
    Before they can go after Magneto, Captain America calls the rest of the heroes over to the monitor room where he
    and the Hulk have pulled up an image of Galactus. Cap warns the others that they have bigger concerns to deal with right now.

    Story by Jim Shooter. Art by Mike Zeck and John Beatty.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Uncanny X-Men #182 Jun 1984
    Rogue is flying back to the United States following the X-Men's return from Battleworld ahead of the others

    to check on the remaining X-Men that were left on Earth, and the New Mutants. Rogue arrives at the mansion

    and begins checking the answering machine. She finds a panicked call from Madelyne Pryor who was calling to tell the X-Men
    that her husband, Scott Summers had gone missing. Rogue knows that he was transported to Battleworld with them
    and presumes that he was returned to her when they were all returned home.
    The next message is from Colonel Rossi a SHIELD agent who is a colleague of Professor Xavier.
    Rossi has confirmed one of their suspicions. His call is cut off when someone gets the jump on him. Rogue flies off to save him,
    missing an important message from Illyana Rasputin telling that the White Queen had
    kidnapped Kitty and Doug Ramsey and that she and the New Mutants were going to rescue her.

    Aboard the SHIELD helicarrier, Rossi is being roughly interrogated for answers to why he was caught looking up information about the Hellfire Club.
    One of these interrogators, a spy working of the Inner Circle, goes back to report to Sebastian Shaw and confirms his identity.
    Shaw orders him to eliminate Rossi before he is visited by a mental projection of the White Queen who informs
    him that she has the New Mutants under her thrall and asks if he would like to see Xavier's novice students.

    Meanwhile, Rogue manages to break aboard the SHIELD helicarrier by flicking a nickel into it's radar bay with her super strength.
    Breaking in, she then trashes some of the security systems closing off blast doors so that the SHIELD operatives do not have an easy time stopping her.
    She manages to get to Rossi just before the Inner Circle spy can assassinate him.
    When she tries to revive the heavily beaten Rossi, she begins talking in a different voice that speaks of a long time friendship.
    Rossi, barely conscious recognizes the voice but cannot believe he is hearing it.

    Rogue then manages to escape the Helicarrier and smashes a number of fighter jets that are deployed to try and stop her.
    Rogue brings Rossi to a home that she believes as her parents summer home located in Cape Cod Massachusetts.
    Rogue prepares Rossi a meal and when he awakens to eat, he finds that as he questions Rogue she has the memories of Carol Danvers.
    Rossi then calls her on it, watching as she flips from personality to personality from trying to sort out her memories;
    this causes her to burst out of the house and tumble down onto the beach near the home.
    There she is haunted by more of Carol's memories of her childhood and adult life.

    She realizes that when she absorbed Carol Danver's powers she must have taken her memories as well as the emotions that go along with them.

    When Rossi goes down to check on her, she reveals to him what he did, a revelation that angers and horrifies him.
    When she attempts to atone for it by telling him that she is Carol in all the ways that matter,
    he rejects her offer of love striking her and walking away -- telling her that he can't bring himself to kill her for what she's done.

    While back aboard the SHIELD helicarrier, Nick Fury questions the Hellfire Club spy, unaware that he is a double agent.
    The spy tells Fury that Rogue was responsible for the attack on the helicarrier earlier.
    With her identity confirmed, Fury puts out a call to all SHIELD agents to bring in Rogue and use deadly force if necessary.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Uncanny X-Men #245 Jun 1989
    In orbit above Earth, an alien coalition prepares to launch its invasion of the planet
    as an archivist discovers humanity's success against other alien foes.

    In Australia, a morose Havok observes his teammates through the town's computer system

    before getting into an argument with Storm and Wolverine over their use.
    Suspecting what worked for the women would help the men as well, Wolverine suggests a boys night out.

    In space, the invasion leader is shown the Jean Bomb, a weapon in the form of a red-headed woman with the power to destroy all bonds.
    Just then, the archivist tries to warn the leader about Earth, but is gunned down for getting too close.

    In Sydney, Wolverine leads the male X-Men into a bar, where Longshot proceeds to dance with all the women while the rest get drunk.
    Eventually, they're drawn outside by the sound of the invasion attacking the city.

    Most of the city's denizens seem unperturbed by the presence of the invaders,
    with the mayor even offering his seat to the leader in order to finally go on vacation.

    At the bar, Colossus gets into a brawl with a group of shock troops,
    while Longshot is accosted by a team of winged female commandos whom he eventually charms.
    Infuriated by the failures of his forces, the leader orders the detonation of the Jean Bomb
    as Wolverine bluffs his way to a win in a game of poker against the strike force's commander.

    Outside, the leader's ship departs as it prepares to drop the bomb, but Havok blasts it, destroying the ship and the weapon, ending the invasion.
    The X-Men return home, all the better for their night out.
    Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Tessa investigates a massacre at a Shaw Industries facility, and learns that Donald Pierce has escaped.

    NOTE: This issue is a parody of the "Invasion" storyline DC did around the same time.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Rob Liefeld and Dan Green.
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    Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3 Jul 1984
    "Tempest Without, Crisis Within!"
    A powerful storm rages across Battleworld and Magneto watches it from his hideout before releasing his prisoner the Wasp.
    When the Wasp threatens to bring the hideout down around them, Magneto suggests that it would
    be a bad idea with the storm raging outside and suggests that they call a truce for the time being.
    Magneto then tries to charm the Wasp as well as try to convince her that he is not the monster she thinks he is.

    While at the heroes base, Ben Grimm and the Torch watch as the storm looses some
    massive rocks that come crashing down toward them before being destroyed by Thor.
    This has Hawkeye and She-Hulk on guard for the moment. When they realize
    there is no danger, Hawkeye confides that he wants to get home to his new wife.

    Elsewhere Iron Man and Captain Marvel also take pause to notice Thor.
    When Iron Man questions why Thor just doesn't stop the storm, Captain Marvel figures he enjoys it too much.
    In the communications room the Hulk, Captain America and Mister Fantastic are overseeing things after the damage done to their
    temporary headquarters, after Magneto attacked, as well as keeping tabs on Galactus who is still standing atop a nearby mountain.
    Reed expresses his concern for his wife who is pregnant and is about to give birth soon.
    The Hulk pipes in about what he will do to the villain who kidnapped his girl back home as well.
    With the repairs Reed excuses himself from the others so he can have some time alone.

    Reed's departure is observed by Spider-Man who remarks on how depressed Reed looks.
    Web-swinging through the facility Spider-Man feels as though it was specially designed for him to do so,
    and briefly wonders if that was intentional before ultimately dismissing the idea.
    He happens to come upon the X-Men who are holding private council with their leader.
    While they discuss the distrust they are receiving from the other heroes, Xavier has decided that his team is going to leave to join up with Magneto.
    Just as he is saying, Professor X detects Spider-Man's presence and tells his X-Men to stop him before he can warn the others.

    "His strength--! His speed--! Unbelievable! He is AWESOME!"
    Spider-Man fights back and easily trips up the X-Men and flees the scene.

    Spider-Man tries to warn Reed about what's going on, but Xavier uses his telepathic abilities
    to make Spider-Man forget what he heard and Cyclops smooths things over with Mister Fantastic, making it
    seem as though Spider-Man is probably just cracking up under the pressure of being kidnapped by the Beyonder.
    The two heroes share a moment where they express their distress of being taken away from their respective wives before Xavier

    telepathically calls Cyclops back to the group. Commandeering a shuttle, Xavier tells his students to set a course for Magneto's citadel.

    At that moment, Magneto is in a teleconference with Doctor Doom and refuses his offer to join sides.
    Doom warns him that he will live to regret that decision.
    Magneto terminates the call and sees to his guest the Wasp who appears to be warming up to
    the Master of Magnetism in spite of herself and the two suddenly get into the throws of passion.

    While at Doombase, Doctor Doom has two test subjects: Skeeter MacPherran and Marsha Rosenberg.
    Utilizing the devices within the lab, Doom endows them with super-human powers.
    As Volcana, Rosenberg has the power to channel volcanic plasma and Skeeter -- now calling herself Titania -- has been given enhanced strength.
    Doom then brings his newly empowered minions to meet the other villains gathered.
    There Titania intends to prove that she is no longer the scrawny woman she used to be by trying to pick a fight with the Absorbing Man.
    With nothing to prove, Absorbing Man brushes off her insults and Titania storms off in a fury when the Wrecker begins making lewd offers to her.
    Volcana meanwhile seems to find a bond with the soft-spoken and uncertain Molecule Man,
    who opens up to her about what his therapist might think about him using his powers to help Doctor Doom.

    Meanwhile, Thor has returned inside the heroes base and come down to the prisoner hold.
    Passing the stasis units containing the members of the Wrecking Crew and Kang,
    he stops at the medi-chamber containing the Enchantress who was injured in the battle.
    He frees her to discuss things that are "not meant" for mortal ears.
    She agrees and opens a portal to take them elsewhere to discuss matters.

    Soon it is dawn and the heroes realize that they have overslept leaving them open for attack.
    No sooner is this realized do the forces of Doctor Doom launch their attack.
    With the added numbers of Titania and Volcana, the villains manage to not only gain the element of surprise but the upper hand as well.
    Caught off guard, the heroes are forced to retreat, allowing Doom and his minions to rescue their captive allies.

    Story by Jim Shooter. Art by Mike Zeck and John Beatty.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Uncanny X-Men #183 Jul 1984
    "He'll Never Make Me Cry" First appearance of Selene.
    Back from his ordeal on Battleworld and Japan, Colossus has come to bring
    the hard news to Kitty Pryde that while he was gone, he fell in love with another.
    The revelation crushes Kitty; however, she hides the hurt from him until she returns to the room she shares with Illyana.

    Both Illyana and Lockheed try to comfort her when she breaks down into tears.

    Meanwhile, Storm checks on Rogue down in the Danger Room and saves her from a potentially lethal training session.
    When Storm attempts to understand what happened between her and Michael Rossi,
    Rogue only says that she is a monster, then she flees the room telling her to leave her alone.
    Upstairs, Colossus returns to the mansion and is confronted by Logan who tells Peter that the two of them
    are going to have a talk about Peter's break-up with Kitty and leave with Nightcrawler for a bar down in Manhattan.

    Upstairs, Kitty confides her feelings to Storm and tells her that she is taking
    some time to visit her parents and is not sure if she will be coming back.
    While in Dallas, Texas, Raven Darkholme and Valerie Cooper are en route to see the mutant inventor named Forge.
    They begin discussion of Senator Kelly's proposed Mutant control bill.
    As they discuss the arguments about mutant registration, Raven secretly muses over what Valerie would think
    if she knew one of the many mutants who she sees as a threat is the very person driving her to Forge.

    At a bar in Manhattan, Wolverine tries to get Colossus to realize that his "romance" with Zsaji
    on Battleworld was not a relationship, and the two come to odds over Peter's true feelings for Kitty.
    During the conversation, Logan picks up the Juggernaut's scent and realizes that their old foe is drinking at the bar.
    Not wishing for a fight to break out, Logan suggests that they leave.
    When Colossus decides to be difficult, the slightly drunk mutant stumbles and spills his drink on the Juggernaut.

    Spoiling for a fight after his defeat at the hands of Spider-Man,

    the Juggernaut picks a fight with Colossus.
    As the fight rages, they trash the bar, but ultimately the Juggernaut wins.
    When the fight is over, the Juggernaut asks Wolverine and Nightcrawler if they wish to fight.
    Logan says no, and the Juggernaut departs leaving money to pay for the damages.
    When they confront Colossus, he is angry with his friends for not helping.
    Logan points out that X-Men will help each other out for honor and sacrifice everything,
    like when Kitty was willing to marry Caliban so that the Morlocks would save his life.

    As he walks away Nightcrawler tells Wolverine he is unforgiving.
    However, Logan points out that Colossus needed to be taught a hard lesson about honor.
    As they walk away, they are unaware of a woman high on a rooftop who had managed to suck the life out of a man,
    leaving a burnt out husk. It is Selene, and she is glad to be walking the Earth once more after 2000 years.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green.
    Imperius Rex!
    It's clobberin' time! Hulk is strongest one there is! Have at thee!
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    AHHH!!! Such good times were had by all!

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    Uncanny X-Men #246 Jul 1989
    "The Day of Other Lights!"
    Dazzler looks into the Siege Perilous using her laser eye blasts to see what would be in store for her if she passed through the portal.
    Each image (lawyer, superhero, singer, houswife, bag lady) she see’s shows her dying in a brutal manner.
    She doesn’t believe what she is seeing as the images form of a decaying corpse which tells her that death comes to us all.
    Then as quickly as it started the images have gone and Dazzler is alone in the darkened room.
    She is so scared she is shaking and is unable to produce any light as she has been drained of energy.
    She pulls out a tape from her bag and finds a tape drive to play it on.
    She then creates light from the music and realises that her hand is bleeding where it was holding the Siege Perilous.

    In New York city Nimrod breaks into a building where a gang is selling narcotics.
    The gangsters fire on Nimrod, which has no effect, and after administering a final warning, he kills them all before destroying the drugs.
    He then leaves with the money, and decides to give it back to the community.

    Back in Australia Wolverine is washing when Storm interupts him.
    She confronts him about wanting to take a leave of absence.
    He tells her it is something that he has to do and has to do alone and that he will be back when he’s finished.

    In Washington DC Carol Danvers, in control of Rogue's body, visits the "Wall", where the names of dead soldiers are carved in.
    She leaves her medal of honour where her little brother’s name is and apologises for not coming for a long time.
    She starts to cry, salutes and then flies off.

    In Australia Longshot is watching Colossus train against Havok. Havok is really pushing himself.
    He gets Longshot to throw some blades in the air which he attempts to destroy whilst avoiding Colossus attacking him.
    He misses some and gets angry with himself when a blast ricochets of Colossus and towards Longshot, only for Longshot to dodge at the last minute.
    Dazzler turns up and gets Colossus to throw some more blades in the air which she destroys with ease causing Havok to get slightly jealous.

    In Manhattan, Senator Kelly is at the Hellfire Club talking with Sebastian Shaw

    who is enquiring funding for another Sentinel project which Kelly is oppossed to. The discussion is interrupted by Kelly's wife Sharon.

    Being a former waitress of the club she thought it funny to dress up once more as a maid, but the senator is shocked and slightly embarresed.

    Downtown Carol leaves her old appartment and thanks the landlady for looking after her stuff.
    She then meets up with Psylocke and they talk about the problems Carol is having with 'sharing' Rogue‘s body;
    she also shows her the costume she wore as Ms. Marvel.

    Further downtown Nicholas Hunter (Nimrod) is working on a construction site when he finds a small circuitry module.
    He picks it up and starts to run a scan; suddenly he reverts back to his true robotic configuration and causes near explosives to blow up.
    After the dust has cleared Master Mold appears from the rubble.

    Carol and Psylocke are walking down a street when Betsy telepathically hears the screams from the workmen.
    Carol flies to the site and sees Master Mold repairing himself with the construction materials.
    Believing to be safe since the X-Men are invisible to technical scans, she attacks but is knocked away and smashes into senator Kelly’s limo.
    Senator Kelly is knocked unconsious and his wife, still in a daze, gets him out of the car, but then runs back to pull out the superhero.
    Carol's mind is unconscious and so Rogue is in control after waking up.
    She is angry that Carol made her wear the "ugly" Ms. Marvel costume.
    Sharon Kelly tries to help her free from the wreckage when Master Mold targets them.
    Rogue tells her to run and she’ll draw its fire but the robot's confused sensors lock on Sharon and shoot.

    Then it targets on Rogue.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #4 Aug 1984
    "Situation: Hopeless!"
    The forces of Doctor Doom have forced the gathered heroes to flee and destroyed their headquarters,
    a victory for Doom and his minions in Beyonder's on going Secret War.
    Spotting their foes fleeing the scene, Titania and the Wrecking Crew begin tossing debris at the heroes.
    Goaded on by Volcana, the Molecule Man one ups them all by using his powers to raise a mountain from nearby and dropping it on their enemies,
    seemingly killing them all in one fell swoop. While the others cheer, Doctor Doom is not entirely convinced that was the end of their foes.

    Elsewhere on Battleworld, Thor and the Enchantress are still having their private council about the Beyonder.
    Recalling the Beyonder's offer to grant them their fondest desires if they slay their enemies, Thor asks what the Enchantress could want.
    When she specifies Thor's love, he tells her that love is not an object that can just be taken.
    Their discussion is suddenly interrupted by a massive earthquake.
    They quickly teleport back to the heroes base to see what is going on and appear in the middle of Doctor Doom's army.
    When Doom demands the Enchantress choose a side, she hesitantly sides with Doom and the others attack Thor.
    While the villains keep Thor on the ropes, Doom commands Ultron to use his disintegrator ray to destroy Thor.
    Ultron seemingly succeeds in atomizing Thor, leaving nothing but his helmet and a scrap of his cape behind.
    After this second seeming victory, Doom recounts that the X-Men were not among the heroes and that their work is not yet done.
    However, he pauses to deal with some more pressing business first.
    Recalling how Kang tried to kill him when they first arrived on Battleworld, Doctor Doom orders Ultron to kill Kang.
    The time traveler tries to beg for his life, but it is of no avail and Ultron slays him.

    Elsewhere, the X-Men are flying across Battleworld, seeking out Magneto. En route, Colossus takes the time to
    think about his girlfriend back home, the youthful X-Man known as Sprite and wonders if he will ever see her again.
    Rogue is also deep in thought, thinking of how not too long ago she would have been on Doom's side of the Secret War.

    As the X-Men prepare for whatever their encounter with Magneto will bring, the Master of Magnetism
    is using his powers to create a mental comb for his guest the Wasp to comb her hair with.
    Suddenly the pair are interrupted by the arrival of the X-Men.
    Xavier asks Magneto to join him, telling him of the good they can do if they operate as a third force outside of Captain America's group.
    Magneto agrees, suggesting that they use the Beyonder's offer to create a golden age where mutants rule over humans.
    Hearing this, the Wasp drops her pretense in being interested in Magneto and attacks.
    She then manages to slip past the X-Men and get to their ship but finds it incredibly difficult to control.
    When Magneto tries to stop her from escaping with his powers, Xavier stops him, recounting how he made a grave error erasing
    Spider-Man's memories earlier and that they should not interfere with the others, that using evil means does not justify their good intentions.

    Meanwhile, buried under tons of rock are the heroes, who have survived thanks to the Hulk holding up the rock with his strength.
    However with a number of them injured and a limited supply of air, time is running out before they either suffocate or get crushed to death.
    Quickly thinking, Mister Fantastic cannibalizes some of Hawkeye's trick arrows, Iron Man's spare power pack and one of Spider-Man's
    web-shooters into a device that allows the Human Torch and Captain Marvel to channel their powers through Iron Man's armor.
    The device works and boosts Iron Man's armor significantly to blast their way free from the mountain.
    Upon getting free, the heroes find Thor alive and well, and he explains he escaped
    a certain death by temporarily blinding their foes and making a hasty retreat.
    Needing medical attention for some of their allies, Captain America sends Captain Marvel off on a recon mission to find someplace for them to go.
    CM finds a village at the base of the mountain where Galactus is standing.
    Soon the other heroes arrive and the locals prove friendly and immediately take in the wounded champions.
    They quickly discover that one of these aliens, Zsaji, can heal with a touch. When she heals the Human Torch he is instantly attracted to her.
    Then, Ben Grimm expresses to Reed his concerns about being so close to Galactus when suddenly he transforms into the Thing again.
    When Ben asks why this is happening, Reed hesitantly tells him that he'll think about it, however, he knows more than he is letting on.
    Reed then turns his attention to Galactus and is horrified when he sees the world devourer raising his hands to the sky.

    Story by Jim Shooter. Art by Bob Layton and John Beatty.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Uncanny X-Men #184 Aug 1984
    "The Past...of Future Days!" First appearance of Forge.
    Dallas, Texas: Valarie Cooper and Raven Darkholme of the Department of Super-Human Affairs
    have arrived at the high rise home of the mutant inventor Forge.
    They are initially taken aback by the holographic display capabilities of his dwelling.
    They arrive just as Forge's old shaman is leaving; Forge refused to see the signs of some coming mystical danger.
    When his apathy toward his tribe’s plight prompts Naze to leave, Forge gets right down to business to show Val and Raven his latest invention.
    From researching the weapons of ROM the Spaceknight, Forge has been
    able to create a weapon that can neutralize the abilities of a super-human.
    However, he stresses that the weapon is a prototype and he is unsure whether
    the effects are permanent or what psychological effect they will have on its target.
    When Forge shows off his next invention, a mutant detector, Raven becomes worried that Forge might out her as a mutant, compromising her position. However, Forge tells Val the only mutant it detects is himself, however his jest does nothing more but anger Raven.

    Meanwhile, in New York City, Rachel Summers has recently arrived from the future and stops at a display window of an electronics shop.
    As she watches news coverage of the X-Men's recent battle in Japan,
    she notes that Storm looks a lot different than she did in her future time.

    When she catches a report about the upcoming Mutant Control Act, the electricity
    blinks out forcing Rachel to risk using her powers to power the television.
    However, the report is over and as Rachel walks out in the night,
    she begins to wonder if this is the past of her reality, or that of an alternate universe.

    Rachel is not alone in the streets however; the evil Selene has detected her massive powers and seeks to make Rachel her heir.
    After Rachel is nearly scared to death by a passing fire truck, Selene makes her move.
    However, Rachel manages to fight her off and flee into a nightclub.
    There she is bombarded by all the thoughts of the patrons and collapses on the floor.
    Just before the bouncer can kick her out, Nick Damiano, the club’s owner,
    decides that the girl is in serious trouble and takes her upstairs to his apartment.
    After deflecting Nick's questions, not being able to trust a human, Rachel agrees to take a bath while he prepares a meal for her.
    However, when Rachel comes out to check on Nick she is horrified to find
    that Selene has drained his life force away, leaving him a burned out husk.

    The two women begin to battle, and the energies set off Cerebro, prompting
    Professor X to send Colossus, Nightcrawler and Rogue to investigate the disturbance.

    As the X-Men fight through Selene’s defenses, Rogue gets close enough for hand-to-hand combat.
    Selene grabs Rogue's bare throat, but much to Rogue's surprise, she is the one who is having her power sapped.
    Rogue is saved by a mental attack by Professor X, which sends Selene fleeing.
    Charles orders the X-Men to save Rachel and leave the burning building and to let Selene go because she is too powerful.
    Storm arrives shortly thereafter and uses her powers to put out the fire.

    When Rachel comes around, she is shocked to see that the Professor can walk
    and that Storm looks radically different from her memories and photos.

    Realizing she traveled back in time to the wrong past, Rachel collapses to the group when she realizes that her world is doomed.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green.
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    Uncanny X-Men #247 Aug 1989
    "The Light that Failed!"
    Before it is able to deal a death-blow to a beaten Rogue,
    the Master Mold finds itself under attack by the newly arrived X-Men.

    Using teamwork, the X-Men are able to apparently destroy the Sentinel,
    only to realize the battle has already taken the life of an innocent; Senator Kelly's wife, Sharon.
    With little warning, the Master Mold springs back to life.
    Using newly generated defenses and weapons, the rejuvenated Sentinel seems more than a match for the X-Men.
    Realizing that she still has the Siege Perilous in her possession, Dazzler throws the crystal amulet toward the Sentinel.
    The Siege Perilous grows to a tremendous size, large enough for the Master Mold to pass through.
    Rogue, sensing Dazzler's plan, uses her powers to push the Sentinel through the portal, but not without being dragged inside with it.
    Kelly blames mutants for his wife's death and ensures Shaw that his Sentinel project will get all required funding.

    Elsewhere the Reavers are plotting revenge on the X-Men,

    unaware that they are being watched by Nanny and the Orphan Maker, who want the X-Men for themselves.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green.
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    Talking Happy Birthday Jim Shooter!!!

    Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #5 Sep 1984
    "The Battle of Four Armies!"
    Mister Fantastic's worse fears have been realized: trapped on Battleworld by the Beyonder,
    Galactus has summoned his worldship so that he can consume this patchwork world and sate his hunger.
    Although this is an awesome sight, the assembled heroes try to figure out what to do next.
    The healer named Zsaji is in a panic, so the Human Torch tries to calm her down,
    however there is a language barrier between the two of them. In order to break past them, Zsaji takes Johnny to her home
    where she opens a bottle containing a strange gas that allows them to meld minds so Johnny can tell her what's going on.
    He recounts how they were gathered by the Beyonder to battle to the death
    and obtain their heart's desire, leading to a clash with super-villains being led by Doctor Doom.
    This resulted in the injuries the heroes sustained before seeking Zsaji's help.

    Elsewhere, the X-Man known as Colossus tries to sleep but cannot help but think about his girlfriend Kitty Pryde whom he left at home.
    His thoughts about her are quickly cut off by the telepathic summons of Professor X.

    Colossus joins the rest of the X-Men in meeting with Xavier and Magneto.
    With the threat of Galactus becoming apparent, Magneto orders the X-Men to attack him in order
    to distract the world devourer long enough for Magneto and Xavier to take a more subtle attack.
    When Wolverine balks at taking orders from Magneto, the Professor tells his team to follow Magneto's orders.

    Meanwhile, the Molecule Man and Volcana are bonding and growing closer together.
    As they walk past the Wrecking Crew and the Absorbing Man, Pile Driver decides to pick on the Molecule Man.
    When none of his friends back him up in bullying the Molecule Man, Pile Driver learns why it is not a good idea to make him angry:
    Owen Reece channels his powers to change Pile Driver's costume into into an ultra hard metal causing him to fall over.
    Adding insult to injury, Pile Driver has his face pushed into the mud by Volcana
    and they leave him to be ripped out of his costume by the others.
    As the others just begin to notice Galactus' worldship hovering over Battleworld,
    Doctor Doom has long since been aware of its arrival and is busy working on a plan to use this to his advantage.
    His work is interrupted by the Enchantress who tries to seduce Doom by offering to repair the damage done to his face.
    Doom resists her offers and tells her to begone. Frustrated by being rejected by a mere mortal, the Enchantress teleports away.

    As Magneto and Xavier channel their powers together to try and establish telepathic contact with Galactus,
    the heroes gathered at the base of his mountain decide what to do next.
    Mister Fantastic figures he can try to reach out to Galactus as he had recently saved the world devourer's life.
    However neither ploy works, and Galactus rebuffs telepathic contact
    and causes a section of Magneto's base to explode while also blasting Reed aside.
    Seeing the heroes as pests, Galactus unleashes a robot to keep them busy
    while he begins forming the device he needs to consume Battleworld.
    Although the heroes manage to destroy the robot set upon them, they are suddenly attacked by Doctor Doom's villains.
    While the battle rages, Doom watches from a distance.
    When it appears that his minions are going to succeed,
    the heroes get saved thank to the timely intervention of the X-Men.
    The sheer force of the battle is enough to temporarily distract Galactus from his work and while
    the world devourer's head is turned, Doctor Doom quickly pilots his ship in to the Worldship of Galactus.
    Doom's minions are forced to flee, but not before seriously wounding Colossus.

    With the battle over the X-Men pull back but are forced to leave their comrade behind.
    Although Wolverine protests this, Xavier points out that Colossus' injuries were serious enough that
    to move him would have killed him and that the heroes have a healer on their side who can save his life.

    In the aftermath of the battle, the heroes find Colossus and see that he needs medical attention.
    When they get Zsaji to heal him, Colossus is taken by how beautiful she is
    and grows instantly jealous that she happens to be interested in the Human Torch.
    Colossus then pretends to be in even more pain in order to get more of her healing touch.

    Meanwhile, as Mister Fantastic and Captain America fear the worst about Galactus,
    they are unaware that Doctor Doom has gained access to his ship.
    From within, Doom hopes to find the tools he needs to defeat both Galactus and then the Beyonder.
    Suddenly his attention is drawn toward something of great interest on one of the walls of the ship.

    Story by Jim Shooter Art by Bob Layton and John Beatty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devaishwarya View Post
    Here Comes Tomorrow X-Men
    One of my all time favorite x-stories with some of my favorite art pieces.

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    He is the rock that their island nation is built upon. The people of Krakoa know him and what he has done for them over the years, and they look up to him. He might not be RULING Krakoa, but he is definitely leading it.

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    House of Manure, which had the comicbook character Wanda being subjected to so-called 'writing' which resulted in said comicbook character getting raped beyond repair for a decade thankfully the comicbook character Wanda has recovered by now.
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    I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.

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