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    Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #7 Nov 1984
    "Berserker!" First appearance of Spider-Woman aka Julia Carpenter
    The heroes gathered on Battleworld by the Beyonder have discovered someone spying on them at their camp.
    When the Torch corners her, the mystery woman introduces herself as Spider-Woman.
    When the other heroes question how another human they haven't previously met could be on Battleworld, Mister Fantastic
    theorizes that since the Beyonder constructed Battleworld from planetary fragments a portion of Earth must have been used as well.
    Spider-Woman confirms this by explaining that the entire city of Denver has been brought to Battleworld.
    When she explains that she has come to help, she shows that she is more than capable by demonstrating her enhanced strength.
    The other heroes decide to trust her considering the fact that Dr. Doom has too much raw power to need to plant a spy among them.
    Suddenly they are attacked by a giant vehicle. When the Wrecker pops out of the porthole,
    he tosses out the seemingly deceased body of the Wasp before the villains take off.
    Some of the heroes try to chase after them but the vehicle is too fast.
    Quickly, She-Hulk picks up the Wasp's body and hands it over to their healer, the alien
    woman known as Zsaji, who tries to use her powers to revive the Wasp but to no avail.
    The Avengers are furious at the death of their comrade and are ready to rush off and get revenge when
    Captain America stops them and reminds them of the threat of Galactus who is still preparing to consume Battleworld.
    Convincing the others to stay their hand, they begin to plan their next course of action, all save for She-Hulk, who storms off on her own.

    Elsewhere, the X-Men retreat from the active volcanic region, and although they failed to stop a group of villains
    Xavier is impressed that they were able to send Titania, Molecule Man, Absorbing Man and Doctor Octopus packing.

    However, instead of returning to base, Xavier tells them to follow after
    their foes while he, Magneto, Storm and Nightcrawler rendezvous with them.
    Meanwhile, aboard the villains' craft, they care for the Molecule Man, who was seriously wounded by Wolverine's claws.
    Seeing Owen's condition from the monitors at Doombase, Volcana rushes to
    the Enchantress and asks the Asgardian sorceress to teleport her to Owen's side.
    When Volcana tells Amora that she is willing to do anything, the Enchantress teleports her away, satisfied by this offer.
    Volcana appears within the ship just as the two containing the X-Men and Magneto attack.

    During the course of the ensuing battle, Wolverine manages to chop off the
    Absorbing Man's arm while he is in the form of stone, but is burned badly by Volcana.
    Outnumbered and outgunned, Volcana calls a strategic withdrawal and uses her powers to cover their escape.
    At that moment aboard Galactus' ship, Doctor Doom continues to search
    for something that will allow him to defeat Galactus and the Beyonder.
    However, his plan to create a distraction by creating volcanic eruptions on the other side
    of Battleworld has backfired and has succeeded only in alerting Galactus to Doom's presence.
    Locating the intruder, Galactus uses his power to violently eject Doom from his ship.

    Back at Doombase, Doctor Octopus and his crew return and Volcana almost gets into a fight with the Enchantress.
    Titania stops her and warns the Enchantress that if Owen Reece dies she will rip her leg off and stuff it down her throat.
    Elsewhere, the Absorbing Man wonders what to do about his severed arm. By holding it in place where it was cut,
    he risks changing back to human form and is surprised when his gambit pays off and his arm reattaches itself.
    While down below in the dungeon the members of the Wrecking Crew lock the Lizard
    in a cell since he cannot be controlled after they seemingly killed the Wasp.
    Leaving the Lizard to rot, the Wrecking Crew are unaware that Klaw has been secretly watching the entire situation unfold.
    When Bulldozer retires to his room he notices that the wall has been ripped open from outside.
    Suddenly he is ambushed by She-Hulk, who begins to pummel on him for his part in the Wasp's death.
    Hearing the commotion, Titania enters the room and sees that the
    She-Hulk has defeated every member of the Wrecking Crew in a fight.
    She gets the jump on She-Hulk just as Doctor Octopus and Absorbing Man enter the fray.
    In yet another part of Doombase, the Enchantress laments over her current situation and pines for the love of Thor.
    Her thoughts are distracted by the return of Doctor Doom who has
    just barely survived being ejected from the Worldship of Galactus.
    He stumbles into his room and passes out, proclaiming that the battle is over.

    As the other villains are pummeling She-Hulk, the other heroes have discovered that she is missing.
    When Hulk and Hawkeye tell this to Cap and try to get him to mobilize a searching party, Captain America denies their request.
    When Cap sees that others want to go out and rescue her, he reminds them all that the stakes are too high to make decisions of the heart.
    Elsewhere in the village, Colossus is finally up and about after recovering from his injuries. He goes looking for Zsaji
    and finds her as she is leaving her hut. When she suddenly collapses he is there to catch her.
    Suddenly, Captain America is contacted by Professor X who tells him that he and his
    team can go after She-Hulk while the X-Men take their place watching over Galactus.
    With this bit of news, Captain America orders everyone to get ready to move out.
    NOTE: The Beyonder created Battleworld from pieces of hundreds of worlds from across the universe. The city of Denver was one of those pieces.

    Story by Jim Shooter. Art by Mike Zeck and John Beatty.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Uncanny X-Men #187 Nov 1984
    Storm is walking away from Forge's home following the revelation that he invented the neutralizer weapon that stole her powers.
    As she flees, some Dire Wraiths who are seeking to destroy the weapon and its creator arrive at the huge tower
    and get past security by posing as FBI agents until one of their kind replicates the security guard.
    Hearing the racket, Storm turns and is attacked by a Dire Wraith that comes out of the huge downpour.
    Storm rushes back to Forge's office tower where she finds a gun among the
    scattered remains of the security guard and tries to use it to defend herself.
    Despite the shooting lessons that Wolverine previous had given her,

    it’s Forge's old friend Nazé who manages to kill the alien sorcerer with a shotgun.
    Nazé explains who he is and he and Storm attempt to contact Forge about the danger coming from above.

    This is too late because when Forge answers the phone, the Dire Wraiths enter his penthouse
    and use their mystical powers to create Deathwings to protect the building.
    Without power in the building, Storm and Nazé are forced to climb the elevator shaft where they are attacked by a Hellhound.
    It attacks Storm, but Nazé manages to shoot it dead. They are next attacked by another Wraith,
    whose mystical bolt breaks one of the elevator cables. As it madly springs upwards,
    Storm gets her foot caught on it and finds herself being pulled up to a potentially painful death.
    She manages to pull herself free and uses the cable to bring her up to
    the level where Forge lives, leaving Nazé to traverse the other floors alone.

    Storm exits onto the roof top patio to find that the Wraith's have cast a spell to turn the rain storm into a blizzard.
    Unable to resist the cold, Storm is forced back when she is attacked by another Hellhound and Wraith.
    As she locks them back outside, she is struck by a powerful mystical mental
    backlash caused, unknown to her, by Nazé being replaced by a Dire Wraith.
    This backlash is felt by Forge who has fled deeper into his home and activated the automated defenses.

    Storm catches up to Forge and the two face off against the Wraiths together.
    When one of the Wraiths attempt to trick Forge by casting an illusion spell to make it look like Storm,
    and Storm look like a Dire Wraith, Forge taps in his long neglected mystical talent to learn the truth and destroys the Wraith.
    They are reunited by "Nazé" who congratulates Forge for embracing his heritage once more.
    Just then, Rogue and Colossus smash through the roof and join up with Forge, Storm
    and the faux Nazé in mounting a counter attack on the Wraiths in Forge's home.
    As Storm, Colossus, and Rogue fight off the horde of Wraiths, Deathwings
    and Hellhounds, Forge rushes off to find some kind of distraction.

    Left to his own devices, the Wraith-Nazé goes to the Eagle's Nest inner sanctum and begins preparing a spell of evil intent.

    As the X-Men continue to fight against the Wraiths, Forge provides ample distraction by having his home's
    holographic simulator create virtual constructs of the Spaceknights ROM and Starshine, striking fear in the Wraiths.
    This allows the X-Men to easily wipe out the rest of the Dire Wraiths.
    However, before they can consider the battle over they are suddenly attacked by
    a manifestation of Shadowbeings that have been summoned by the Wraiths.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Talking Happy Birthday Chris Claremont!!!

    Uncanny X-Men #251 Nov 1989
    "Fever Dream!"
    Wolverine, beaten and bruised, hangs from a wooden X outside the X-Men's base camp.
    Donald Pierce, Wolverine's captor, continues to torment the shackled Wolverine, who begins to hallucinate.
    In his delusions, in actuality one of Gateway's "Dreamtimes", Wolverine witnesses the past.
    He watches the X-Men return from their trip to the Savage Land.
    Next, he is visited by phantoms of various acquaintances, both friends and foes.
    He sees his own return to town, and his subsequent capture.
    Again, his vision returns to the arrival of the four X-Men from the Savage Land.

    As the Reavers approach the X-Men's position to attack, Psylocke opens the Siege Perilous

    and telepathically cajoles the X-Men to enter.

    Arriving too late, Pierce is furious at the loss of his prey.
    Back to reality and the present, the town comes under the fury of a powerful storm that seems to be encircling the whole globe.
    While the Reavers wait out the tempest inside, Jubilee summons the courage to approach Wolverine.
    To her surprise, Wolverine frees himself from his X-shaped crucifix.
    Lacking the strength to even stand, Wolverine asks the young Jubilee for help.

    Story by Chris Claremont Art by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Classic Thanksgiving art by John Romita, Jr. from Uncanny X-Men #308 (January, 1994).

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    From Todd Naucks twitter....

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    Awriiiiiggghhhhhhttttt SHADOWCAT!

    Yay! Shadowcat! Shadowcat! Shadow-Shadow-Shadowcat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 616MarvelYear is LeapYear View Post
    Yay! Shadowcat! Shadowcat! Shadow-Shadow-Shadowcat!
    I like this costume but… long, long legs. Ouch…
    "… something strong and soft and green,
    thrusting through the dead and petrified grayness."
    Alan Moore.

    If I offended you, be assured that it wasn't my intention. English is not my first language.

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    Uncanny X-Men #253 Nov 1989
    "Storm Warnings!"
    A de-aged Storm is found by FBI Agent Reisz, and she is brought to a hospital where she is put under the care of Dr Lian Shen,
    who soon believes that Ororo is a mutant as none of their medical or video equipment registers her. Dr Shen later rings Agent Reisz,
    who seems to be possessed by some unknown being, and Reisz tells Shen that he will come and collect Storm, which Storm overhears.

    Moira MacTaggert and Magneto argue it out on Muir Island, over numerous subjects
    including the current missing New Mutants and Magneto’s responsibilities.
    Magneto warns Moira that there is a war coming, and tells her that as long as people are after him, no one will be after her.
    Magneto leaves Muir Island, refusing Banshee’s hand in friendship.
    Banshee consoles Moira, who decides that they find the New Mutants, then safeguard Muir Island against any possible attacks.
    Moira sends Callisto to the remains of Xavier’s School to seal off the underground complex from any intruders who may want its secrets.

    Later, Banshee and Moira pick up a distress call, and Banshee recognizes the voice as Polaris.
    Despite the recent Marauder affiliation that Polaris held, Banshee goes to rescue his friend,
    who is currently at the mercy of angry sailors aboard a freighter in rocky water.

    The sailors attack Polaris, who is without her magnetic powers, but finds herself with increased strength and invulnerability,

    before the freighter is snapped in two.

    Banshee rescues Polaris just in time, his powers recently restored.

    Amanda Sefton arrives at Excalibur’s lighthouse, in search of Nightcrawler, but finds only
    Brigadier Alysande Stuart, who explains that Excalibur is missing, and offers her assistance.

    Elsewhere, Forge enters a meditation, and is confronted by Amahl Farouk, and learns that Storm is alive, and in grave danger.
    In Australia, the Reavers go about their business, while Lady Deathstrike claims she cannot find Wolverine,
    when in fact she watches the gravely wounded X-Man make his way past her.
    She doesn’t want to kill him when he cannot put up a fight.
    Bonebreaker’s body is repaired, and Donald Pierce announces that the Reavers’ next mission is to destroy
    Muir Island and kill everyone there, as Banshee and Moira MacTaggert represent a major threat to them.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Marc Silvestri and Steve Leialoha.
    Imperius Rex!
    It's clobberin' time! Hulk is strongest one there is! Have at thee!
    I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.

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