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    Default Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #3 (spoilers/discussion)

    Mixed feelings on this issue. Liked the art, a bit put out by the story. It wasn't bad per se, just a little frustrating to have Storm and Magneto get their fingers on the pulse of everything, then get zapped by Nate. Last issue, I wouldn't have minded at all, but we're past the halfway point so I was hoping for a bit more forward momentum.

    Nate's POV was interesting, though, and a bit of humanization very much needed. Even the architect of this little Utopia project seems to have his moments of doubt, though he still comes off a bit juvenile, like that moment where he insists the X-Men still just see him as some kid in a leather jacket. Like, dude, you've powered up, but you haven't really gotten your mind around near as much as you think you have.

    Good issue, recommend for the Storm and Magneto stuff, but things do need to pick up next month. We can only have Nate hit the reset button so many times.
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