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    Quote Originally Posted by Montressor View Post
    I'd just erase Cindy Moon from continuity. Never happened.
    Hey now, while Slott's take on her was garbage, she was great in her own series written by Robbie Thompson. She's basically the poster girl for my 'there are no bad characters, only bad writers' theory.

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    Flash's father.

    Instead of being a drunk, he can instead be a normal police officer who early in Peter's career was saved by Spider-Man.

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    Most of his rogues gallery would be younger, if I had my way. When Peter was high school aged, someone like Electro or Mysterio would have been in their mid 20s.

    Vulture would be about as old as he is depicted in the movies, would be less hands-on (more of a manager), and normally have the Vulturions (his underlings) do most of the work. He, like Norman, would have gotten his start as a hired costumed villain fighting some of the older heroes nearing the end of their careers. So he would still have had a full career in the flight harness but have learned to make more money with less risk by employing impressionable/disposable youth.

    Otto would be old enough to be of similar age to Henry Pym or Reed Richards.

    The original Sinister Syndicate would all be around college age and have all done their time as lackeys to more established villains. The form the Syndicate because they want to be taken seriously/are tired of doing the laundry of jerks like Man Mountain Marko.

    Scorpion would probably be an Arab American or Latino. There just wasn't much visual or ethnic diversity back when these villains were created. I'm not talking about changing his costume or profession. "Mac Gargantuan" could be an alias he chose for professional reasons or because he was in hiding.

    I don't like that Chameleon is Kraven's brother. The connection doesn't help either imo. I would have Chameleon be one of those failed students of the male black widow program (wolf spiders). He'd be unparalleled at taking on new identities but be routinely out of touch with reality. Whenever you don't see Chameleon you can assume that he's forgotten his real identity.

    Jackal would always look like the Ben Reilly version (talking about the Egyptian mask). I hate the grinch look sooooo much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by capandkirby View Post
    I thought I couldn't love Steve Rogers any more than I already do, but here he is, eating pizza with a fork, just like I do (the only correct way to eat pizza

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