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Not "one of the most successful"...the most successful. I don't think some people read the series all the way through to make any kind of dismissal, that's certainly the sense I am getting from some of the posts you have here. But USM is widely respected across the board. That is the single most influential run of Spider-Man in the 21st Century. Its influence touches everything from Raimi's Trilogy, the Amazing movies, Homecoming, to the MTV Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, and other cartoons, and more recently the PS4 game.
Well, I bought, read and still own every single issue of USM so I my exposure to it is quite complete. I liked it at the time, still think it's good. But great? Occasionally.

As for its influence, as I've said, USM's greatest legacy is in providing a handy blueprint for adapting the Spidey story into other media and making it contemporary. But it's not as though USM is the only Spidey influence running through all those movies, games and animated shows. They're amalgams of many different eras.