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    Default Wonder Woman #68 review.

    So issue 68 of this arc does a great job at making its plot feel pointless. Diana was holding back all this time. And easily defeated a bunch of giants. Making Giganta useless as she didn't do anything important in the whole arc when ggw first told us she needed Giganta. But no, Giganta was just there. BUT............ it turns out that Diana did need help after all. Just not from Giganta who was supposed to be the big helping hand here. No. It was from maggie. Who became "Queen arthur" and saved our poor Diana from the biggest giant. Because sure, Diana was holding back before and could easily take out the fodder giants. But the really big one? No, for that we need to see Maggie to the rescue. Once again Diana was not the one putting down the big threat in her own title. It was a new girl with a mystic sword. Because a no holding back WW doesn't have enough power to handle it alone.

    The art is also terrible as usual. And Diana talking once again about feeling insecure is just annoying at this point. We have no great art. No great use of a classic WW villain. No great powerhouse moments, and an insecure Diana. But i suppose that being insecure fits this Diana. Since she is never shown as capable of ending a big threat on her own. I think it's obvious by now. Between the bad art and gww's weak writing. This team doesn't know how to handle a character like Wonder Woman. They don't capture the powerhouse side, the confident and epicness of the character and classic villains like Giganta and Ares.
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