I recently started reading comics again. The Old Man Logan storyline by Millar single handedly got me into reading comic books again. Since then I have read the Punisher Max series and they were just as incredible. Since comixology is having a huge Memorial Day Sale on DC graphic novels I decided I'd like to get some DC stuff.

When I stopped reading comics about 13 (?) years ago I was getting really sick and tired of Batman. While I know things may have changed and he probably has really great writers I was wondering if yo guys can suggest some stuff to me other than Batman comics. Since I liked Aquaman from that Justice League movie I was hoping to ask you guys how his current Rebirth comics are and if reading the New 52 line is a must to understand his whole story. If there are any other titles you guys can suggest for DC I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can send them my way..... Just preferably not Batman (but it's not a deal breaker lol)