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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspellmaster View Post
    True enough, but I'm wondering what sort of move this is on the ladies parts. Early bid for a future run using Bernie as a platform? And for that matter why are you endorsing a white guy over a woman who could be the first female president. No offense to senator Sanders, but how does it look when you are already in the 2020s and you have yet another old white, albeit Jewish, male as the head of the US? By now other older countries have had women as leader, why is it that we, once more, have women endorsing a guy when the woman that is running has almost the same platform. Jeeze!
    Well because Warren doesn’t exactly have the same platform especially on foreign policy. And there is the general belief that Bernie is the more progressive and purer candidate. Since the Squad is the most ideologically progressive unit in Congress, it makes sense they are going with the more ideological left candidate.

    Also 2020 not withstanding but Bernie Sanders holds most of his support with the youth across racial and gender lines. It’s a smart move to ensure support in the next generation of voters.

    Also it doesn’t really matter, if Warren gets the nom, nobody bats an eye if they start stumping for her (especially since Sanders will throw his support behind her if he loses)

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    Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies

    Documents obtained by ProPublica show stark differences in how Donald Trump’s businesses reported some expenses, profits and occupancy figures for two Manhattan buildings, giving a lender different figures than they provided to New York City tax authorities. The discrepancies made the buildings appear more profitable to the lender — and less profitable to the officials who set the buildings’ property tax.

    For instance, Trump told the lender that he took in twice as much rent from one building as he reported to tax authorities during the same year, 2017. He also gave conflicting occupancy figures for one of his signature skyscrapers, located at 40 Wall Street.

    Lenders like to see a rising occupancy level as a sign of what they call “leasing momentum.” Sure enough, the company told a lender that 40 Wall Street had been 58.9% leased on Dec. 31, 2012, and then rose to 95% a few years later. The company told tax officials the building was 81% rented as of Jan. 5, 2013.
    A dozen real estate professionals told ProPublica they saw no clear explanation for multiple inconsistencies in the documents. The discrepancies are “versions of fraud,” said Nancy Wallace, a professor of finance and real estate at the Haas School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley. “This kind of stuff is not OK.”
    Bet the rest of Trump's tax info shows a history of fraud and other criminal activity.
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