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Mets is just being disingenuous again. Not for the Wall means you are for complete open borders. Not for draconian anti-disabled rules, you are for no oversight.

Same old, same old.
He hasn't said anything about what kind of oversight he would support.

He has suggested that one thing will lead to another type of bad oversight, the effects of which he seems to have grossly exaggerated (unless 100,000+ people have died over the course of several years as a direct result of policies that go against the disabled; Debkox linked to one result that 100,000+ ESA claims were closed following the deaths of claimants which may be where the number comes from but this doesn't mean that the requests for information contributed to all those deaths.)

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Theres a difference between "Determining eligibility" and what the DWP did, which was very much intentional. When your ignoring Doctors because your corporate culture tells you to then you have to question what horrors the infinitly worse American system will generate.
What would you consider acceptable efforts to determine eligibility?

We might largely be on the same page on this, against bad oversight when it comes to disability benefits, but in favor of some form of oversight.

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Does anyone else wake up every morning with a full anxiety attack brewing as you scan the day's headlines to see if a zealot has tried assassinating Pete Buttigieg? Or AOC? Or Ilhan Omar? I just...I know it's coming, because we live in the worst timeline, and all three of them are really going at the formerly unassailable bastions of Right Wing glory of faith, finance, and Israel.

Pete is a 'filthy queer' (the nicest thing these false Christians say about him...) who dares to speak about Christianity like someone who has actually READ the New Testament, and no zealot is gonna be ok with THAT being president!

AOC is an uppity brown woman that Faux News CANNOT STOP RAILING AGAINST, no matter how ridiculous they come across while doing so...

And Ilhan Omar is a monster - sorry, a Muslim (same difference to those people...) - who wants to institute Sharia Law (unlike, I guess, the false Christians trying to conquer America from within in order to institute THEIR fundamentalist dogma as law...)!

That's not to mention the anxiety that comes from dreading the next climate change bombshell that Republicans will ignore in the name of hoarding all the money, no matter the cost. Or the latest extinction. Or the newest religiously-motivated genocide. Or the latest atrocity from Russia and it's allies. Or the latest Republican defending rapists while trying to get laws in place to murder women who get an abortion, or...

Every day, I wake up and my anxiety peaks before I even do anything. But no, things in America are GREAT....
In recent years, the most prominent member of Congress to be shot has been Steve Scalise.