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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiderClops View Post
    Uh, no he wasn't. I have never seen anybody say this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregpersons View Post
    Well, right.... I mean, yeah, that's what I'm saying! Being an actor/model does not preclude MJ from also writing. It's neither inconsistent with her character, nor unbelievable. Since Peter is already kind of a "gig economy" sort of person, it stands to reason that MJ could be, too.

    On that front, I'm curious how conservative fans reconcile liking a character who is literally a social justice warrior. Like, I can understand liking characters who only protect their self-interests like Venom or Punisher, but... Spider-Man is purely about selflessly helping other people, so how does that square up? (Edit: I mean, I know Ditko was famously libertarian, and there's a certain amount of that in the character, but it's not his dominant theme)

    It's gotta be the eyes. Everybody loves the Spidey eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCN24454 View Post
    We’re talking exclusively about movie MJ?

    I can actually see her as a reporter then.

    It’s still incredibly cliche, but I can see it.
    I think this shifted from being exclusively about MJ while these were still posts in the 'Far from Home' discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by PCN24454 View Post
    Not only that, giving MJ a profession that directly connects to Peter more or less "proves" that she only has worth when it relates to Peter's work and struggles which is the most anti-feminist message that you could give to a reader.

    It's one thing to have commonality. It's another to have your life revolve around a person which I feel is something that PS4 and MCU Spidey's universes both missed. It's tellingly that Peter interacted with Michelle more than he did Liz.
    Comics is a medium where storytelling space is prized because everything is in 20-22 page installments, so you do want supporting characters to have professional roles that fit the protagonist's story. Everything being subservient to the story of the main character isn't about sexism but about storytelling in a story with a clear lead.

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    I think you could/should use Ned as a reporter just to play off his comic history and help him be less Ganke-lite.

    I'm not against MJ as a reporter but I don't think it is an absolute necessity.

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