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    Default How long has anyone been a fan?

    Since i was 13 when they debuted and loved them as they have a unique mythology of horror, fantasy, action and Lovecraft themes.

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    I jumped on when the Conqueror Worm was being published, so not right from the start, but pretty close I guess. I've been obsessed, gotten every Hellboy related comic since.
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    Started reading and collecting in 1996

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    I started right around 5 years ago, around Hellboy Day 2014. I saw the cover of Lobster Johnson: Get The Lobster #5 in the Previews catalog and thought it looked really cool, and it had what remains the single best description of a comic book I've ever seen, which is forever burned into my memory: "The Lobster engages in a firefight with a madman in a biplane on top of a zeppelin!". So the next time I went to the comic shop I knew I was going to be picking up Lobster Johnson. They didn't have Get The Lobster #1, only 2 and 3, so I deliberated between getting The Iron Prometheus TPB or the two available issues of Get The Lobster. I ended up picking Get The Lobster, and to this day those two issues are some of my most treasured comics. From there I started reading the other Mignolaverse books, whatever collected editions I could get and subscribing to all of the ongoing books even though I didn't entirely know what was going on (I started Baltimore with Chapel of Bones, which is, uh, probably not the best place to start. I did think it was super cool though and it got me hooked on the rest of the series). Eventually I read it all and got caught up.
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    I was a fan of the movies back in the day and started reading the omnibuses a year ago.

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    April of 2004.

    Saw the movie, Saw the movie again the weekend after, picked up the first trade paperback the weekend after, and added all the Mignolaverse books to my pull-list at the local comic shop the week after that (okay, maybe that last bit wasn't exactly one week after - but close).

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