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Sgt. Rock needs 56 more issues to reach 500, and Adventure Comics 71 for 600 - that’d be pretty cool indeed!

If DC continues to publish these titles monthly, and not switch to publishing them twice a month, here’s about how long it’d take to reach 1000:

Batman 832 - 168 more issues to go (14 years to go)
Superman 830 - 170 more to go (14 years and 2 months)
Justice League 746 - 254 more to go (21 years and 2 months)
Wonder Woman 733 - 267 more to go (22 years and 3 months)
Flash 728 - 272 more to go (22 years and 6 months)
Green Lantern 617 - 383 more to go (31 years and 9 months)
I sincerely doubt DC would not renumber if one of these titles got close to 1000. Detective got an issue 900 nod during the nu52. I expect they're keeping an eye on the Trinity's self titles books and may even have an eye on the messier JL, Flash, and GL titles.

And that semi-monthly schedule gives you a 100 issue jump in just over four years. With the trapping DC put into Action and Detective, I'd bet Marvel's thinking about Amazing Spider-Man and probably Avengers. With all the staff at DC, I'm sure someone is counting legacy numbers, even if unofficially.