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    Default Jon Kent's new power (possibly) revealed


    So, most of us who are reading Superman right now remember the image of Jon Kent using some sort of purple construct around his arm. We haven't gotten any word on what exactly that was, but given the fact that no one else in that image seems to be doing anything remotely similar to Jon's construct, I feel it's fair to say that it's mostly likely a new power.


    Two CBR posters, Toreador and Jon Clark over in the "SUPERMAN’S ABILITIES UNDER DIFFERENT STAR SYSTEMS AND STAR FORMATIONS" tipped me off to a back-up story in a bronze age story from May 1982, Superman issue #371, where Clark gains a new temporary super power. Basically, he goes near a purple sun on his way home from space, and it ends up giving him the ability to create temporary Green Lantern style constructs.

    Bendis is pretty clearly a fan of bronze age Superman, and he's been known to make allusions to both the bronze and silver age. Rose and Thorn are even coming back in a big way, and the way he teased that on his Instagram was with a bronze age cover of her.

    Continuity link

    So, I'm thinking maybe Bendis has reimagined this one-off power into something the differentiates Jon from other kryptonians. And if Bendis decides to make the obvious link, we might get this to sort of tangentially relate back to Lantern lore, thus allowing him to give a nod to Johns' Lantern mega run.


    Is the kid somehow tapping into the emotional electromagnetic spectrum naturally because of his particular genetics? If we work on that assumption then purple construct would indicate "one with great compassion for other beings." Funny enough, Jon is using this (alleged) compassion construct while he and his grandfather are on a mission of peace stopping conflicts across the galaxy. What better color to correspond with not just the son of Superman, but also a character who was essentially acting as a galactic humanitarian?


    It's no secret that, on some level, some aspect of Jon's powers are linked to his emotional state. This is fairly well documented, and came to a head with Jon's solar flare ability being uncontrollable because of his genetics. In Sons of Tomorrow Jon's solar flare actually has it described as Jon "creating some sort of emotional super storm." There's also been other characters with the power to naturally tap into powers similar to a lantern like Argent, Jade, and Barry and Jessica's kids from an alternate future.

    Thoughts? Agree/disagree? If true, what do you think of it going forward?
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