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    Default Brainiac and Metron: Seekers of Knowledge

    So, I was rereading the 1997 Fourth World series by Byrne and Simonson and the 2000 Orion series by Simonson, and I noticed the two author/writers seemed to alternated the design on Metron's forehead. He traditionally only has one circle on his forehead. But at times, his deisgn alternates and resembles the Brainiac symbol. I also noticed Metron's purpose/goals align with Brainiac's. The pursuit of ultimate knowledge.

    I did find a small pattern when they changed the symbol up. In the instances where the tri-sigil appears, Metron appears to be doing something wicked. Such as freeing Darkseid from the Source Wall, taunt Orion about the death of Valkyra, or blackmailing Scott Free to use the Anti-Life equation to steal things from Darkseid for him. I could be reading too much into it though.

    Brainiac and Metron. Like Superman and Orion, the two of them have a lot of parallel attributes. Exploring the nature of their characters would be something to think about.

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    Good catch. One difference that I can think of is that Brainiac actively destroys his sources of knowledge after he collects what he needs while Metron (to my recollection), does not. Would be interesting if Brainiac were to seek control of Metron’s chair...

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    I'm a big fan metron, second favorite new god after Darkseid. The difference between Brainac and Metron is Metron is wise. He learns, takes lessons from his knowladge. Braniac on the other hand, learns noting, just gathers data, he's not wise... He just bottles cities for his collection, doesn't try to learn their colture, or wisdom.
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