To quote the famous Douglas Adams... "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!" and after reading DC Comics for a VERY long time, the latest solicitations for Justice League Dark #13 has annoyed the hell out of me...

While I've enjoyed Tynion's run of Justice League Dark, he's resorted to using the Helmet of Nabu as a magical game of musical chairs again as the JLD need to search for a new host. So while Geoff Johns brought back Kent Nelson in 2016, his return has not even lasted 3-years as the original is being shelved again.

Kent Nelson RIP
Inza Nelson RIP
Eric Strauss RIP
Linda Strauss RIP
Jared Stevens RIP
Hector Hall RIP
Khalid Ben-Hassin RIP
Khalid Nassour RIP

So while i love the DCU dearly, it was the original Doctor Fate that brought me into this universe and hell, not even the Justice Society of America exist anymore. I guess the direction of DC don't align with mine and rather than stay in this bad 'fan' relationship, it's time to go and this image sums up my feelings perfectly!

Thanks for reading guys and hopefully you can keep the DCU flame burning and more importantly keep those brick and mortar stores alive

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish DC! ... I'll miss this great universe and that blonde haired Swedish-American archaeologist and MD, Kent Nelson who stood between Earth and the forces of magical darkness for a long time!

P.S. The new Warner Bros film Captain Marvel... err.. SHAZAM! was fun!