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    Default Air Walker vs. Sodam Yat

    Inspired by Agent Z's Silver Surfer vs. Kyle Rayner thread.

    A Green Lantern vs. a Herald of Galactus, both of whom were heavily pushed in their first appearances as major powerhouses only to ultimately become regular jobbers and die ignomiously.

    Who gets thrashed to hype the other?

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    Yat get Ion powers or just his ring?

    Actually, either way, standard daxamite/Kryptonian stat package should see Yat blitz Walker out.
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    I'm sort of inclined to say Yat takes it, even without a blitz. He basically blew up a planet (from the inside) when he just had the ring. Ring+Daxamite stats should carry it, and if he gets Ion then he can't run out of juice. While normally the lead weakness would be an easy exploit with cosmic awareness, the lantern shields should be enough to protect him-- Air Walker doesn't have the raw power to casually pierce them and kryptonian durability like Superboy Prime had.

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