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    Default OGN's Set Between MCU Films: Yes or No?

    I asked this on the Marvel forums a while back but thought it might be worth suggesting here.

    There's tons of empty space between MCU movies, most of which will probably never be re-visited. So should Marvel work with the Studio and publish some original graphic novels to expand on those lost opportunities?

    I know Marvel has done a few MCU one-shots and stuff. But those have been awful. Poorly written, poorly drawn, used as primer's for a upcoming movie. A lot of them haven't actually provided any new material and just adapted a film (not all, but several). Sold to the direct market and aimed at the floppy crowd. No, I'm thinking full original stories with top-end talent, distributed across a wider audience. Remember how well DC's Earth-1 OGN line started, and how that was marketed to the book stores? That was pretty successful (until DC squandered that potential). I'm thinking something closer to that; good quality stock and designed to grab the movie fans who don't frequent a LCS.

    A couple examples of moments that a OGN could expand on. There's a montage scene in Captain America showing Steve's battles in WWII against Hydra. A OGN could explore some of those fights.

    How about the new Avengers, after Age of Ultron? We see the new roster form after the robot is defeated, and don't see them again until their final mission in Civil War, which didn't even include two members. Why not do a story exploring that time?

    Or Thor's hunt for the Infinity Stones, before he gets distracted by Ragnarok. Just *how* did he get captured by Surtur, anyway?

    How about the adventures of Hank and Janet in the 80's, when they were Ant-Man and Wasp?

    Yes, there'd be limitations to OGN's like this. These "flashback" stories would have to follow the movies' continuity, so in a lot of cases that limits what villains you can use and how. And there's characters/concepts the movie studio has plans for (including real long-term plans), which the OGN's couldn't touch. But that's really no worse than regular comics; stick with the continuity, don't play with other writer's toys, etc. Far from an insurmountable challenge.

    Big name talent is expensive and getting a few of the studio guys involved would be even worse, but if these books were sold to a wider audience than the direct market there's a good chance of solid profit. There's an audience for it, and marketed as a way to scratch your MCU itch between films....I don't see a lot of risk. It'd likely break even at worst, and then the experiment could be called a failure and everyone moves on, no harm no foul.

    I know that right now it's an odd time to be suggesting flashback OGN's. Endgame is rumored to have time travel, Widow's movie is rumored to be an origin story, Loki's Disney+ is rumored to be an origin, etc. It seems like the MCU is looking back so much there might be no room for a OGN to explore. But it seems like Phase 4 is all about looking ahead, so I think once we get past Phase 3's send-off this wouldn't be a huge hurdle.

    This could also be a way to establish some crossovers we won't see otherwise. Granted, it seems like everything is slowly falling under Fiege's authority so it'll all be more interconnected, but this could still be a way to get some Agents of SHIELD/Avengers interactions. Likely a logistical nightmare and probably not worth the effort, but who knows?

    Finally, this could get the sequels we'll never see. Incredible Hulk 2. Agent Carter season 3. Iron Man 4. The Carter showrunners had a story for season 3, why not let them do it as a OGN?

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