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    Default Operation Zero Tolerance was my favorite X-Men storyline

    For all the shit ppl give the 90s
    I loved that era and afterwards
    Gave us Maggott, Cecelia, and Marrow on the X-Men
    X-Men on the run and high stakes
    A good iceman

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    It's not my favorite, but it's definitely up there. I got hooked on the X-Men in the late 80's and while Inferno, Mutant Massacre and the early 90's stuff is more to my taste, I still think there's some great stuff from the 90's (AOA being the only event that rivals the 80's crossovers mainly due to its scope and originality at that time). OZT is actually probably my second favorite 90's storyline. Loved Cecelia and Marrow, not a huge fan of Maggot but I do agree, it's where Iceman shined his brightest. The Wolverine and Generation X tie ins were fantastic as well.
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    OZT was pretty good except for the ending. Such a cop out to have SHIELD swoop in and save the day like that. All the meaty government-out-to-get-us drive vanishes in an instant.
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    I loved OZT minus the ending. Love those sleeper sentinels.

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    It was a good event and well built.
    The ending and revelation about Bastion were kind of weird to me but overall deserves to be in the top 10 best mutant events.

    At that time you could still sell an event without appealing only to the main characters.

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