Well that happened. UXM 16:

Preview is the same.
-Scott calls a meeting and says he's stepping down as leader. Dani steps up and says the group should be run by the group, X-committee.
-Rahne bows out.
-Magick does Hope a solid and somehow convinces the others to let her an Banshee fight with them against...
-Magneto and his Brotherhood!...Ok its actually Joseph. Also isn't Avalanche dead?
-Joseph traps them and tries the usual sermon while Scott and even better Xian rebuffs him. She also gets the Juggernaut on their side!
-And then a wild Kwannon appears! And beheads Joseph. While saying she's trying to remember them?
-To round it up and increase the kill count: Dani collapses and shouts that Rhane had died. Off screen.
end of spoilers

So things are set up and new additions and losses. Yay?