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    Default Mob (Psycho 100) vs Terrible Tornado (One Punch Man)

    A fairly obvious rumble, really, but my two current favorite animes have second seasons and I'm hype. Mob is cloned and subjected to various emotional stressors, and Tornado has to run a gauntlet of Mobs at every 100% emotional state we have seen in the anime to date. Can she clear the lot of them? How about that ??? percent?

    I suspect she can take match most for raw power, and think Mob's best chances are probably in getting esoteric.

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    I think Tatsumaki takes him in all forms below ???%

    Her range of power and shield durability even at her lowest ebb was constantly beyond what Mob can do.

    ???% is another matter because that form drains psychic energy on an epic scale and dwarfs all other forms in terms of power. He might be able to pull it out with that.

    I would still back Tatsumaki overall, she's just more combat optimised.


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    Anime version of Tatsumaki takes it just fine since she has the feat of casually dragging a giant meteor out of space to kill a Godzilla expy.

    Granted, that might be something of an outlier for her.

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