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    Default Cover Contest 4/17-4/23 Marvel Alum/Exile working elsehwere

    Ok, so since I won with Big Apple Comix, a comic published by Flo Steinberg, who is mostly associated with Marvel and featured work by Neal Adams, Denny O'Neil, Archie Goodwin, Herb Trimpe, Al Williamson and Wally Wood, all of whom were associated with Marvel at some point in their career, our theme/topic this week is Marvel alumni/exiles doing work elsewhere i.e. post a non-Marvel cover from a book by a creator (writer, artist or cover artist) who is (primarily/closely) associated with Marvel at some point in their career. So my entry/example...

    1) Post One (& ONLY ONE) Cover that fits the theme of this Week's Contest!
    2) Cover must be from a Published Comic Book or Collected Volume!
    3) Covers must be Posted before Voting Begins!
    4) Voting Begins 12 AM Tuesday and Runs Until 12 AM Wednesday PST (3 AM EST)!
    5) Vote by Posting the name in BOLD of the Poster whose cover best fits the theme or that you simply like the most! A vote need not be in bold, but it does make it easier to Count-The-Votes!
    6) The Winner of the Contest is the Entry with the MOST Votes after the Voting-Period!
    7) It's Okay to Discuss the Covers but if you Think Someone's Entry Doesn't Fit the Theme or Violates the Rules, you Don't need to Argue it in the thread, Simply Don't Vote for It!
    8) Plus: Occasionally Voting will Result in a Tie! The Person Who Started the Thread will do the Counting that Week will Usually call for a TIE-Breaking --Vote from Someone who has Not Yet Voted!
    9) AFTER the Tie-Breaker Vote, Voting Ends and the Winner is Declared by The One Who Started the Thread (or assigned surrogate) and Thus will do the Counting.
    10) HAVE FUN!

    Comic fans get the comics their buying habits deserve.

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    Well, I'll go with the most obvious, and perhaps, most famous example: Jack Kirby and his legendary New Gods for the, ahem....Distinguished Competition!

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    Artemis and Apollo were two of a kind
    Twins of Leto, whom Hera wanted to die.
    Hera kept her in labour for nine days
    Until relenting due to other God's praise
    Clever Artemis, the first to be born
    Acted as midwife as her brother came forth
    Apollos's birth, heralded by sacred swans
    They both grew up to be fast and smart and strong.

    Here is some glorious Barry Windsor Smith art from a non-Marvel title.

    I attempted to place the image under a spoiler tag as it features a single exposed female nipple, which I realise can inspire a moral panic in the USA. Unfortunately, I don't seem able to spoil an image. If anyone knows how to do so, could you please let me know.

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    The spoiler tag doesn't work on images, foxley.

    I assume that Marvel predecessors count as Marvel, so here is a cover by the great Alex Schomburg, one of the established commercial artists who worked on early comics.
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    You can find a bunch of books I wrote stories for here. The weekly column is here.

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    Here's one from the wonderful Gene Colan:

    A bat! That's it! It's an omen.. I'll shall become a bat!

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    Jim Lee DEFINITELY left Marvel.

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    Congratulations to foxley who found a great wrap around cover which showcased Barry Windsor-Smith's talent to combine both power and exquisite detail in one picture. A truly great cover and one which made me happy I at least bought the Star Reach Classic reprints years ago.

    And now, what has the captain learned this week? It's a tough call and he realizes that even though the shifting companies in so many field is more and more rampant, it always existed to some extent. We have seen some truly great covers this week as our talented posters have gathered the most beautiful covers by folks of work done outside an artist's usual Marvel haunt. Marvel obviously had an eye for talent.

    Thank you to those who did not complain about my technically invalid entry. Well, questionable anyway. The Colan drawing was done as a commission piece and was only inked by Tom Palmer later with knowledge it would be used for the cover of a book. So Tom Palmer actively worked outside Marvel on this. But damn, my story in a book with a Gene Colan cover. Hell, I'm gonna post it.

    Way to go, foxley!

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    For this topic I was tempted to post Larry Lieber's work for the short-lived Atlas/Seaboard company, but I couldn't pass up John Severin.

    Anyway, here is a cover penciled by Mr. Lieber and inked by Frank Giacoia. This particular issue also contains work by Archie Goodwin, Steve Ditko, and Alan Kupperberg.

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