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    Default Image Comics releases scheduled for May & June 2019

    I'm not sure if we put up dedicated threads for the May and June solicitations, but maybe some people are still interested in seeing what's up, so I'll quickly combine them both in here.

    -Michel Fiffe's COPRA is being reprinted, all five volumes of it. This was a real indie darling a few years ago, Marvel immediately tried to get him for their Ultimate line of comics if I recall correctly.
    -East of West begins its final storyline with #43.
    -Excellence is a new fantasy series about a hidden world of magic. Think Harry Potter, but a lot darker.
    -Gogor is a new series from the creator of Planetoid, about a big creature living just below the Earth's surface. Cool cover.
    -The third big Saga deluxe hardcover collection is scheduled.

    -Sonata is the new fantasy series from Brian Haberlin, David Hine and Geirrod van Dyke. It's about a territorial dispute in some sort of hallowed land, where the key in the conflict is to not wake up any of slumbering gods.
    -The Ride: Burning Desire is a limited series to celebrate 15 years of the Ride. Doug Wagner, Adam Hughes and Daniel Hillyard are on board for this.
    -Thumbs is the new Sean Lewis series, and is about social media owners purposefully radicalising youth to attack governments on their behalf. Please keep posting to CBR free of worry that we are brainwashing you into sending DDOS attacks at your local community center.
    All the cool cats are reading CBR's Community Standards & Rules!

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    i will be looking forward for thismyanimelist!
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