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    Default Terrax vs Imperiex

    616 Terrax The Tamer


    LOSH Imperiex

    This is the cosmically empowered Terrax. The one who served Galactus during Byrne's run.

    Imperiex for the LOSH cartoon isn't the galaxy busting final boss from Our World At War. The below video gives an idea of his level. Can tank blows from a Superman and toss him around.

    Neither characters have morals. So this is to the death.
    All weapons and abilities are at the user's disposal. Imperiex is a machine. So BFR into space won't affect him.

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    Ability to breathe in space isn’t really the issue with ‘BFR’. It’s about whether you can return to the fight under your own power (however slowly). If you can return to the fight, you’re not BFR’d. If you can’t, you lose.

    But for the purposes of the fight, let’s assume you’re specifying ‘No BFR’ as a condition of the match.

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    I have no idea how tough LOSH Superman is as a measuring stick. I'm guessing it's not enough to beat a guy who can cut a planet in half and hide within the event horizon of a black hole without trouble.
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