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    Default Who are the big winners and losers of the major studios today?

    With Disney absorbing Fox, essentially reducing the number of big studios from 6 to 5, who do you think are the big winners and losers in the modern studio system? I think we are seeing the emergence of giant entertainment companies, with Disney absorbing Fox, Comcast buying Universal and AT&T buying Warner Brothers, these 3 have seriously deep pockets. It seems Sony Pictures and especially Paramount are the weaker studios at this point, it makes wonder if Paramount/Viacom won't be bought out by a bigger company, like Apple or Amazon eventually. They seem to be in the worst straights:

    You also have Lion Gates, I guess, they occasionally have a hit, but they have a lot of misses.

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    Sony may buy a few assets going forward. Possibly CBS if Viacom doesn't beat them to it, especially now that Les Moonves is out.

    Sony Pictures as a company is actually coming off a really high earning years with a lot of critically regarded films. Even though they might lose Will Smith going forward to Netflix they've signed deals with Steph Curry and other notable personalities. And dumped longtime partners Adam Sandler.

    Sony is likely going full speed ahead as a major high-quality content creator for big budget and smaller budget ventures. Look for them to make an even bigger splash on TV. They are actually behind a lot of network shows and streaming shows you probably aren't aware of. Also, their commitment to diversity across the board is pretty organic which is nice.

    I don't know what AT&T is doing. The FCC should have let Comcast buy Time Warner. They are infinitely more equipped to run that entity. AT&T is just buying properties to buy properties. This isn't the pre-1980s AT&T that had a monopoly on everything and knew how to run a business with its eyes clothes. This is the current AT&T that has the money but lacks the wherewithal of companies like Disney or Amazon.

    Disney has been winning for well over a decade with no end in sight. If the government actually cared about providing oversight and regulating the industry the Fox acquisition should never have been allowed to occur.
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    Does Sony still make most of their money from electronics or is movies now their largest revenue source? I thought the main reason Sony bought Columbia was to provide content for their Beta-Max video tape players.

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