He is the worlds Greatest Marksmen, he is a guy with one of the most Badass Roster of Ex Girlfriends, he is Clint Barton, he is...

I think it's about time the OG Avenging Archer gets his own V.-2019 Appreciation Thread.
(Unless he already has one and I just didn't find it of course)

So most recently Clint guest-starred in Dead Man Logan, Avengers - No Road Home and the West Coast Avengers. Did I miss anything?

Personal Opinion on the mentioned books:

Dead Man Logan - An okay enough book, Clint was ever-present but it didn't necessarily feel like he was playing a huge role.
Avengers - No Road Home: He was sort of important in that one but just like Avengers No Surrender it was just kind of a forgettable Nothing Story without any depth of interesting Hooks.
West Coast Avengers: People didn't seem to like it much around here. Personally it was my favourite Kelly Thompson series so far (out of those I read).
It helped that Clint was, for once, the straight man and competent Mentor/Leader Type on a crazy Roster. Loved the humor, as I always do when it comes to this Writers work.

Now all of theses Stories ended at this point and I'm actually not aware of where Hawkeye will turn up (or even end up) next. Any Leads?