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    Default Untitled Thanos story

    Ever since I discovered Thanos in the comics and later in the MCU I've found him to be a fascinating character. Since last year I have been working on an original story involving Thanos and a character of my own. It revolves around Thanos and my character called Syrin. What I'm wondering and still formulating are questions that Thanos would ask Syrin, who is in all intended purposes of the story more powerful than The One Above All, during a little chat that Syrin has arranged with Thanos. I basically know what questions Syrin will ask Thanos but what kind of questions would Thanos ask Syrin if he was in a situation where he had no choice but to have a casual conversation that Syrin set up for her own purposes. So far what I've written is in sections that I'll lace together later. The section that I have not started yet is the beginning of their "chat" which Thanos agreed to. So I'm curious and would like to hear your ideas or suggestions. Thanks.
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