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    Default You like/dislike change(s) in the recently DC stories

    My personally thought is:
    1 Recently Deathstroke run not trying to whitewashing Slade did, I mean I'm huge Deathstroke fan, But always dislike Marv Wolfman trying to making deathstroke become some sort of victim, Making he crimes deeds looks like is he have to not he want to.
    2 Introducing JON the new Superboy
    3 Grant Morrison's Green lantern running issue, For a fan to Hal and Grant Morrison, Very happily see he writing Hal.

    1 Turns both Supes and Batman's fathers become villains(Or antagonists, More precisely)
    2 Butchered Batman wedding
    3 Harley and Ivy's Whitewashing

    Heroes In Crisis
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    The JL books
    Bendis Action Comics
    Bendis’s Main Superman Book

    Ric Grayson
    Wally West deserved better than Heroes in Crisis

    Pull List:




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    Bendis on Superman. Superman was in the sewers when Bendis came on board, and he has really rocked it. Great stuff.
    Morrison on Green Lantern
    Castellucci on Barda/Female Furies
    Johns on Shazam!
    All the weird and wild stuff Hawkman is going through. So much fun.
    The big silly, summer blockbuster feel of the JL book.

    The current changes to Aquaman. Drowned Earth and onwards has just been a wash.

    Tbh there's a lot, a lot of positives.
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    Morrison on GL
    Johns on Shazam
    Bendis on the Superman books, particularly Action

    From the sounds of thing, HiC may not be worth having given the benefit of the doubt

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    Some early Batman, Nightwing, and Red Hood and The Outlaws stories
    Rucka's Wonder Woman
    Almost anything Tim Seeley writes in relation to Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne
    Whenever they give Barbara Gordon mature stories. I like Burnside by concept, I just don't think Barbara is the right Batgirl for it, since she's supposed to be older.
    Most of Tynion's Detective Comics, such as making Clayface trying to be a hero and his relationship with Cassandra Cain
    Dark Knights Metal adding lore, some pretty cool characters, and returning characters that have been missed by fans
    Some of the speedsters they introduce are interesting even though
    New Superman and The Justice League of China
    The Superman family titles by Tomasi and Jurgens
    Talia al Ghul is written better in that she's more complex even though she's still a questionable mother

    - In general, changing the lore in the middle of an ongoing like what Superman Reborn did is something I against. Changing lore should happen in the meeting room, not in the series itself, because now I know DC learned nothing and they can just use any gods or fifth dimensional magic to undo anything they write, therefore they have no incentive to be more careful with their characterization, story and lorebuilding.
    - Batman's character is still inconsistent. In one title he's a caring albeit broody father, in other he ignores his son's birthday.
    - Tynion changing Batwoman's father's character to make him a villain, which is also very telegraphed in the early issues.
    - I like Wonder Woman's brother in concept since I like her family expansion. I don't like that we still have to keep them being the offspring of Zeus, which is the most standard Greek hero origin story ever
    - Ageing up Jon and cancelling Super Sons then giving the title to someone who doesn't look like they know anything about Damian or his fans.
    - Tom King writing Catwoman too awesome, which he admitted himself.
    - The Justice League STILL treating Titans like their kids and the Titans series in general for making them feel like they have to obey them. The League endanger the world on a monthly basis and they have the gall to bench Titans for endangering the world once.
    - Tom King trying to be serious about superhero PTSD while making fun of Robin's death in his other titles. Are you trying to make me take this seriously or not? I'm getting mixed signals
    - Either Tom King or DC decide they can just interrupt an ongoing Nightwing story that I was curious about to make him a victim in Batman story, which made Nightwing writer left, and now the book feels like an overly long, annoying filler that does nothing to the character with sometimes good art. Not only it's a waste of time, the character now misses some events directly related to him. The murder of his best friend in Heroes in Crisis and the war with spy organizations he used to work in Event Leviathan.
    - I just heard that Bendis mixed up current Batwoman with original Batwoman

    I just read that this is about recent story and not Rebirth in general. Ah well, too late.
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    Young Justice

    Ric Grayson
    Johns on Shazam (billy and mary not being siblings,freddy bein blonde, etc)

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    - Super Sons. Damn, I am really gonna miss this series when it's over. This is, without a doubt, my favorite Rebirth title

    - The introduction of Jon Kent as the new Superboy. For some reason, I've noticed a lot of comic writers struggle writing child characters in a way that makes them realistic without being bratty or annoying. But Jon has managed to be one of very few exceptions. I'd say the only one I can name, off the top of my head, who was ever written better or just as well is Molly Hayes.

    - King's portrayal of Bruce and Selina's relationship, before its unfortunate nosedive. King may be hit or miss in the writing lot...but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love every single issue leading up to the wedding. Seeing Bruce genuinely happy and in love was honestly one of my favorite parts of Rebirth and it's why I was willing forgive the awfulness that led up to that proposal. I know I probably shouldn't because King seems to love depression the same way Didio loves flipping off his customers, but I'm gonna trust him when he says that Bruce and Selina's story isn't over yet.

    - Dick and Shawn's relationship. I'm actually really sad it didn't last and even sadder that the pregnancy was a false alarm. As much as I've loved his relationship with both of them, I was really looking forward to Dick finally moving on from Babs and Kory. And him as father could have been a pretty interesting change too. He was already more of a father to Damian than Bruce was for a while.

    - Red Hood and the Outlaws. I never would have pictured Jason Todd teaming up with Artemis and Bizarro being a good idea. But just REALLY works. They're like their own little "dark" trinity, and I love it. I will admit, I fell off this series almost a year ago and I honestly don't know why. But I do REALLY wanna catch up.

    - Detective Comics and Tim's Knights. Splitting the two Batman series into one where Batman operates on his own, in a more traditional way, and one where he works alongside the family was one of the best things they could have done for character whose supporting cast is more interesting than he is lol. I'd say my only gripe with it was that it wasn't really a team-up of the immediate family and more a team-up of the distant cousins, but with the lineup they picked and the way the characters bounced off each other, I won't complain. Hell, this was the series that made me give a damn about Clayface.

    - Barbara Gordon completely laying into Bruce in Tec. Back when they had that family meeting over what to do about Batwoman (not sure what the point of that was since nobody in the family played any part in what would eventually happen) and Barbara just...completely let Bruce have it. I don't know why but that scene was always so freakin' satisfying to read. Jason cosigning made it all the more hilarious.

    - Splitting the Titans between the older and younger members. The execution may not have been perfect on either side (the younger Titans in particular still haven't really gotten it right), but I appreciate the thought, nonetheless. The Teen Titans have always been my favorite DC Titles so to see them branch out like they've been doing is nice.

    - Tomasi's Superman. This man might seriously be my favorite comic book writer. First he reignited my interest in Batman, and now his portrayal of the Kent family has sparked a love for Superman and Lois that I have never had in all my years as a DC fan. I've always been a sucker for a good family story. Whether it's an actual family or characters who've come together and formed a surrogate family, they're always the type of stories that I tend to gravitate too. It's why I love X-Men and the Fantastic Four. It's why I loved the Teen Titans before Flashpoint. It's why I love the Batfamily. And it's what made me love Superman books. Jon is great. Clark and Lois as parents and as a couple are great. This was just...such a great run and not a single Wednesday goes by where I don't miss it.

    - Djinn, Crush, and Jackson. All wonderful additions to the Teen Titans roster. It's just a shame that all of them will likely be benched once their runs are over. I think it's already happened to one of them (I don't know. I don't read Aquaman. Has Jackson made any appearances there?)

    - Then there's the obvious stuff like the return of Wally West and Young Justice.


    - Pretty much every part of King's run that doesn't have to do with Bruce and Selina. Holy shit, it's everything I dislike about Batman working alone. It's all so damn drab and boring. And the way King likes to drag out story arcs as far as he can just made things even more dull (Looking at you: "I Am Bane"). But the thing that really made me give up on his run was the cocktease Bat/Cat wedding and the completely ludicrous reason for why Selina left Bruce. "Batman can't be happy. He always has to be alone!". Girl, Bruce hasn't been alone in DECADES. He has an entire support system and several children now. A wife won't change that. In fact, she's probably the only woman who would ever understand that he puts being Batman before anything else in his life. But no. Bruce's non-existent misery and solitude is more important than him being in love with someone who loves him in return. I know I said before I trust King and want to see where this is going, but that doesn't mean I'm not still pissed about where it's already gone.

    - Dick turning into Bruce's bitch in Titans. Since when do the Titans fall in line with whatever the Justice League says? They are not affiliated with them. They are all grown adults. So what's this nonsense about Batman demanding the original Five Titans disband and Dick just going along with it, without much of a fight. All because of some future Donna Troy whose existence is pretty easy to prevent when they know what created it. And then the Titans were only allowed to reform so long as it was under the League's thumb and they had their own personal martian babysitter. Excuse me? This is not my Titans. They don't work for Batman or the Justice League and they damn sure wouldn't let themselves be grounded like they were still that kids' club from the 60s. Man, just when that run was REALLY getting good, too. What happened to the Titans who weren't afraid to fight the League when stuff like that happened?

    - The Teen Titans. Damian is my favorite Robin. And seeing him with his own team of Titans has always been a dream of mine. But damn did they fumble with both attempts at that. The first one started out alright and I didn't really dislike it as a whole. There were just a lot of things about it that I disliked. Damian being leader when Starfire was the more obvious choice. Starfire consistently showing why she should have been the leader. Wallace's existence. Jackson's not really being much of his own character after his intro arc and was, instead, regulated to being Damian's personal "yes-man". Then there were the crossover events that just...weren't very good. Super Sons of Tomorrow was alright but nothing to write home about (and it would later be used as justification for why Clark and Lois would go on to be some of the most incompetent parents in fiction). Lazarus Contract was just...bad. bad. There was just nothing good about it aside from Wallace being rightfully fired for being a moron. And yet, later on, they treat that scenario like Damian was the one in the wrong.

    Then there's the current run. I don't hate it as much as I did when it first started...but I still don't like it. There are aspects of it that I like (as I said before, Djinn and Crush are wonderful). But, as a whole, I really don't like this run and want it to end after this BS with Deathstroke is done. Damian making a team with heroes in his own generation was a good idea. I just don't like the direction they went in with it. And I still think they made a mistake by not including Maya in this team. She could have easily taken Emiko's place as the only one with any sense.

    - Whatever the hell Bendis is doing to the Super family. I've ranted about this enough. You can check the Jon kent and Bendis threads if you want my full thoughts. Long story short: Aging up Jon was one of the worst decisions he could have made, and Clark and Lois are officially the biggest idiots in the DC universe for allowing a lunatic to steal their son just so he can teach him things that Clark was already teaching him.

    - Separating Batman and Robin. This isn't even a failing of the new, Didio run DC. This was a problem when Johns was in charge too. How is it that Batman currently has two Robins and neither of them have really done anything with him until recently? Before Rebirth, Bruce and Damian's relationship was at an all time high. For once, they were actually doing alright as father and son. But now it's like we're back to the two of them acting like they barely know each other. Then there's Tim, who spent most of his time in Tec as Jor-El's prisoner (reeeeal top notch, parenting, Lois and Clark. Totally a guy I'd trust with my kid) and then left for "college" not long after he returned. But, honestly, it's not just Batman and his Robins. The Batfamily as a whole just feels so....broken.

    - Ric Grayson, nuff said

    - The general tone of the DC Universe as a whole since Didio took back the reins. It feels like Rebirth was just a phase and now we're back in the New 52, where almost everything is gritty and depressing. Everything has to be dramatic. Nothing's allowed to be happy anymore. Nothing's allowed to be normal. Shit, Superman's not even allowed to have a normal marriage and family anymore. Shit like this makes me wish the Pre-Flashpoint universe was still around and the New 52 was just DC's equivalent to Marvel's Ultimate universe.

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    A lot since Rebirth ended (this isn't Rebirth anymore... I feel like it was around Metal that the tone changed... when "New Age of Heroes" started)

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    Liked: The Dark Nights: Metal Event. Lots of great and interesting new ideas from that.
    Liked: Jonathan Kent
    Liked: Young Justice finally coming back
    Liked: The costumes redesigns! Especially Wonder Woman's movie inspired costume
    Liked: Oliver Queen getting his personality and beard back while keeping what worked from the new 52 and tv show.
    Liked: Deathstroke (though I'm behind)

    Didn't Like: Heroes in Crisis spoilers:
    Wally becoming a killer
    end of spoilers
    Didn't Like: The return of Thomas Wayne and Jor-El. Oz is just a mess even before Bendis, and as much as I liked Flashpoint Thomas, do we really need to keep bringing him back?
    Didn't like: Lois and Clark's moronic and despicable decision making resulting in their son being tortured in a volcano for years. plot induced stupidity at it's worst.

    Indifferent: Ric Grayson. I'm not reading Nightwing but from what I've heard, I don't see what the big deal is. The character gets a haircut and a little amnesia. That sucks I guess?
    Indifferent: Bringing Watchmen characters to the dcu. I like Doomsday Clock, but I still want Doc M and his pals to stay out of the main universe as soon as it wraps up.
    Indifferent: The return of the trunks.
    Indifferent: Selina leaving Bruce at the alter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShinySephiroth View Post

    A lot since Rebirth ended (this isn't Rebirth anymore... I feel like it was around Metal that the tone changed... when "New Age of Heroes" started)
    This about sums it up for me. I enjoyed a lot of Rebirth (barring Rebirth Justice League), and now I'm down to Teen Titans, Red Hood, Batman Beyond, and Justice League. And popping in with Detective Comics every so often.

    The Rebirth Super Family was a treat to read for me, both in Action and Superman. And the extension with Super Sons was just plain fun.
    The Bat/Cat wedding was fun to watch at times, though the dialogue was a little too jilted at times as well.
    Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth made a new Trinity that somehow works incredibly well (and one of the few series to still have the same author since).
    Cass and Clayface in Detective Comics was different, and yet, fun to read. Such an interesting dynamic.

    Then Rebirth ended, and much of what was gained, was lost. Justice League under Snyder is at least interesting and one of the few improvements since Rebirth ended. But the way Bendis has handled Clark and Lois, and aging up Jon, Tim randomly being Robin again, and just so much else throughout the wider DC veil has become very off putting. HiC being pretty much at the top of that list.

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    I like Morrison on GL.
    I like the Super-family.

    I dislike too much to list.
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    So many poorly written books and ideas from DC have freed up my budget to purchase books from other companies that I enjoy.

    Every single thing from the new 52 to present.
    AKA FlashFreak
    Favorite Characters:
    DC: The Flash (Jay & Wally), The Atom (Ray Palmer) , Jack Knight, Stargirl, & Shazam!.
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    Current Pulls: Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, Immortal Hulk, Shazam,Guardians of The Galaxy, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, & Spider-Man Life Story.

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    Aquaman (until recently)
    Morrison's GL
    Young Justice

    Everything else
    Barry's dead mum & jailbird dad

    Heroes in Crisis - the single SHITTIEST book published by DC in the last 30 years
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